God is awesome!

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    Second time around and I passed with 265!! No SATA, alternate format questions and no calculations! I used NCSBN learning ext, Saunders, NCLEX 4000 and most importantly, lots of praying and fasting. Do not give up. If you find that your using a program or study technique that is not working for you then use something else. Everyone's learning style is different and you can't compare what someone else used and expect that you can do the exact same thing and pass as well. But know that if you could have made it through nursing school, you can defeat this beast as well.

    Good luck and trust God!

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    God is good!!!! Congratulations Best wishes in your career as a registered nurse!!!
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    congrats :-)
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    Congrats, LadyQT!!!!!!!!
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    God is Great!!!
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    God is great, but your the one that went to school, did the work, studied and passed your boards, congrats, take some credit you earned it!!! Ya know God is also just as good to those who cant pass!!
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    I could have done none of it without HIM. When I failed the first time, He was good to me and still is.
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    Thank you for those you congratulated me. Blessing to you!

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