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Hi all, I'm gearing up to take boards again after failing 4 times. I am so stressed out and paniced/worried about failing for a 5th time. I have literally done at least 30,000 practice questions.... Read More

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    Hi Murphyal555,
    I was wondering were you looked to find a private tutor? I have taken Kaplan & Hurst. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.
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    Congratulations!!! So happy and excited for you! wow! God bless you and your nursing career!
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    Hey RedDogs,

    I acutally found my tutor on craigs list and she turned out to be AMAZING. Just make sure if you find someone on craigslist to meet at a public place and ask for references before hand!!
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    Hello Murphyal555,

    It's great to hear from you. Thank you for the tutor suggestion, I will look in my area.

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    CONGRATS to you!!! You give me hope as I am going in for my 5th attempt.... really soon!!! RedDogs we can do this!!!
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    Wow, your story is truly inspirational! You never gave up and now you're an RN. Bask in your success!
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    Just took NCLEX this am (8 am appt) & probably slept about 4 hours last night. Very discouraged as test cut off @75 questions and since the questions were getting easier, I felt discouraged early on. Don't even feel it's necessary to look for "popup" from Pearson.
    Work full time, first time to take this exam, older than most taking exam. Studied with copy of Hurst CD (lent to me), Kaplan newest strategy book & RN prep course book, took practice tests available free on line from Kaplan along with tests from used book store bought Mosby,Lippencott RN prep books & reviewed content. Have invested so much money into school, books, etc. Just curious about tutor services & cost.
    I will pick myself back up & retest as soon as I can, but what a devastating feeling to walk out feeling as if you "know nothing". Great website, appreciate opportunity to just vent!
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    Congratulations and best wishes as you move forward in your nursing career. Perserverance pays off if you work hard enough and you have proven that it can be don. Once again,