Foreign Graduate Passed NCLEX RN for the 2nd time. :) Foreign Graduate Passed NCLEX RN for the 2nd time. :) | allnurses

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Foreign Graduate Passed NCLEX RN for the 2nd time. :)

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    It was like a dream, NOOO I hope I am not!!

    My dreams came into reality after I opened the mailed letter of results. I was crying all the time after I touched it. And felt it was so thin, unlike the first mail I received which was thick. By then on I knew I passed! I was crying before my husband opened the mail and was screaming for happiness after he confirmed i really pass!

    Things I did before I took the exam:

    1. Prayed really hard everyday.

    2. Review with HESI and Read the book 3/4 of it focusing on my weak points-Maternity and Pediatrics. Our instructor was so great she helped us analyze the questions and calculations.

    3. Got NCSBN review course online. Read some of it and took tests.

    4. Had all the normal values on my wall and diseases/values/medications that I usually forget.

    5. NCSBN Medication flashcards read all the details about it.

    On my first exam I read through cover to cover Saunders Comprehensive Review, PDA of Lacharity, Exam Cram, Kaplan Strategies Book, the Mnemonics from one of the topics here in allnurses.

    It took me 265q and 5 hours and 50 mins to take the exam. I knew I was not prepared enough before I took the exam. Everything I got was so hard. I was praying over questions to questions coz I really dont know the answer and choosing what I think was a bit practical to my senses. This was harder than my 1st take.

    A week before my exam:

    1. Brushed up with imp normal values, EKG, and some meds.

    2 Did review questions with NCSBN about 30-50 questions.

    3 days before the exam:

    I got lazy studying kept on thinking that I'll fail it and I am not prepared enough to take it.. Got a lot of rest and Praying. Went enjoying the last day before my exam treating my husband and daughter the whole day just to make me tired and sleep early.

    Before I took the exam, kept talking to myself that I can make it. I need to be positive while I am looking at my dear husband and daughter. Kissed both of them and went in.





    I Hope this helps. with lotz of love to allnurses and those who inspired me to achieve my license now.

    CJS, RN
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    Congrats!!!!way to go!
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    Such an inspiration, congrats!
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    Congrats! I'm planning to take Nclex for the second time. I'm getting anxious because I lost the report that was mailed to me by my board of Nsg so I don't know my weaknesses. Any tips for studying and what software did you answer??? Thanks
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    Congrats and Thanks for sharing!
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