1. i hope my story will encourage someone out there. i am an international student (Africa), finished nursing school 7 yrs ago, married with a toddler. my first attempt at nclex was in March 2013, wanted to do it before they raise the bar in April 2013. it took me all the way to 265 questions and straight to the c c page when i tried the PVT. Then, i did kaplan live class, did all the q bank and q trainer, used saunders 5th ed.

    2nd time
    it took me months to pull myself together to study, honestly the biggest and most serious time of my study was about 6 weeks to my exam when i got a date for November. this time i used kaplan classroom anywhere, finished the q bank and q trainer again, lippincott's questions and answers, PDA by lacharity but had no time to do the case study, listened to feuer review everyday, saunders and reviewed exam cram the night before.

    Exam day
    my exam was scheduled at 8am, got to the testing center few mins after 8am and was checked in immediately. started the test and was determined to test for 6hrs. answered the 75th question, closed my eyes and clicked next and "boom" "blue blank screen". honestly, i almost collapsed, with shaky hands and terrible headache, fear and heavy heart, i completed the survey and walked out of the center feeling defeated and crushed. got home tried the PVT making sure it says delivery successful and got the most beautiful pop up of my life.......

    what i did differently
    - prayed like i'll drop dead if i did not
    - ate breakfast which i failed to do the first time
    - put on my make up before leaving the house, looked in the mirror and said to myself "you are beautiful, you will make it this time with 75 questions and smiled
    - claimed all the good stories i read in all So you see guys, if i could do it, you can also do it, just believe in yourself, pray hard, answer as much questions as you can and review the rationales. eat breakfast, dress comfortably and always tell yourself "i have done it".
    please let me know if i can be of any help. will be very pleased to help.
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    Congrats!I finished school July 2013 and took the LPN exam on Oct 18,2013 and failed I cried for 2 weeks,slept,and just laid around.I had a very bad knot in my stomach for a week.I am just now getting back to myself,Im so happy I joined this site because I felt so dumb failing.I now know Im not dumb I just need to study more.I would like to know if you think I should answer my questions or try to read more?
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    Congrats!!!! I'm excited for you .
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    I am just in the middle of completing my first nursing course, Fundamentals of Nursing, and I'm already looking for tips on writing my NCLEX in 2015. This site motivates you so much. I could feel your joy over here. I got goosebumps. Thank you for sharing your success and again, CONGRATS!!!
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    Congratulations!!!!! here is my email, i have some questions, im an international student too
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    Congratulations!!!!! I am from Africa too. I have some questions. my email is
    thank you.