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FINALLY: NCLEX Today ... 75Q and Good Popup! - page 2

Let me tell you, after all this time on allnurses (since March 2009, when I first decided to pursue nursing and started volunteering and then registered for my first prerequisite), I could not wait... Read More

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    congratssss ...........
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    Thank you for posting this!!! And congratulations!!!
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    Quote from Paco-RN
    I have always had trouble with SATAs! I hate them still, lol. The problem I always had with them is that when they were wrong, it was because I always put one too many or one less than needed, I was never really off the mark completely. And because of that it's completely wrong? Ack!! Hated that. On the test, I will never know which SATA I got right or wrong but I can tell you that the quality of them are similar to those you find in NCLEX 4000. Meaning, they touched upon material that you would have somehow studied anyway, either through Saunders or some other outline.
    yeah....nclex4000 CD is great resource to use
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    Yayyy!! Congrats! Feels great to finally be done, huh?
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    I'm very happy for your succes and thanks for sharing your study tips !
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    Thank you for tips.
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    congrats i got the good pop up too im happy for you