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:crying2: Hello everyone, I failed my nclex rn in april 2009. It's now nov 2009 and i am still not ready to retake it. I know that the time laspe won't do me any good but i am soooo scared! :cry: I got nine categories on the... Read More

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    You have to fill up a request for reapply/repeat examination form, mail it to your board of nursing with the $75..yes, you do have to wait 45 days from your last exam date to be able to qualify for re-examination. Im applying with the california board of nursing..i dont know if its different with the others. currently, Im using saunders and I have a constant passing rate of 60-70%. I'm using saunders because its quite comprehensive enough..

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    Thank you. So it is a tax of $75 but I cannot pay before the 45 days?
    I am using Saunders as well. In some areas I score good, 80-87, but in some I get 60-70. I am planning know to have a week for each area and to master.
    GOD BLESS you,

    and thank you
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    TO: Scaredsomuch
    Msg: Hi! Happy New Year to you and your family... I just want to ask u how many days or weeks did you wait to get your eligibility when you reapply to retake your nclex-rn?.. nways, are u in the united states when you reappply? thanks so much! I wish you good luck on your exam.. u can do it!u ...

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