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:crying2: Hello everyone, I failed my nclex rn in april 2009. It's now nov 2009 and i am still not ready to retake it. I know that the time laspe won't do me any good but i am soooo scared! :cry:... Read More

  1. by   Pedsnurze
    Quote from PrincessDi79

    Hello everyone,
    I failed my nclex rn in april 2009. It's now nov 2009 and i am still not ready to retake it. I know that the time laspe won't do me any good but i am soooo scared! I got nine categories on the exam and the only one below passing was risk reduction. I did not get any above passing though. Please advise me on your thoughts and experiences. Thank you Diane

    I know you can and will master the NCLEX RN. I'm on that journey also.
  2. by   ybarnett
    Okay guys listen, the only thing that helped me was me. You have to make it up in your mind that you are going to pass. Think about where you have been and where you are headed. The only thing that helped me was the NCLEX Made Incredible Easy Book and CD. I studied, studied and studied. You can do this and you will do it if you want it bad enough. You're not the first to fail and won't be the last. Get the book and study. Mainly the CD
  3. by   mom2sam
    Thank you soooo very m uch for the reply. Of course we will do gr8 next time around!! Di
  4. by   ybarnett
    No problem. Everyone need some uplifting. And if you don't get it the next go around, go again and again until you do get it. I did not tell anyone when I was going, I just think that's a personal thing. Get the book and study the disk. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish is you just believe in yourself.
  5. by   4angel
    I just got the bad news. I failed. 1st time and second time will be last time, because I will pass this stressful exam!
    Please, can you tell me how long I will wait for the oficial letter? And when I will be able to register and pay for the next exam?
    Thank you for all tips
  6. by   imBlank
    i took the exam last june..failed it miserably with only one above passing and it was on health promotion and maintenance. graduated 5 years ago, was only able to review for like 2 weeks prior to the exam.. i have a son with adhd-combined type, and a 20 month old baby girl, raising both all on my own. i hardly have any study time. but despite all of this..i still believe we can pass the exam. i'll be retaking on january 27, i have only less than a month to review. hehe.. relax...i know its scary. in my case, i have a lot riding on this exam. just look on the bright side...its not the end of the world
  7. by   4angel
    After you got the result, how long you have to wait until you have to pay again ? I know that you need to wait 45-90 days to can retake the exam but when you have to pay again?
    ...and are you using Kaplan or Saunders?...
  8. by   imBlank
    You have to fill up a request for reapply/repeat examination form, mail it to your board of nursing with the $75..yes, you do have to wait 45 days from your last exam date to be able to qualify for re-examination. Im applying with the california board of nursing..i dont know if its different with the others. currently, Im using saunders and I have a constant passing rate of 60-70%. I'm using saunders because its quite comprehensive enough..
  9. by   4angel
    Thank you. So it is a tax of $75 but I cannot pay before the 45 days?
    I am using Saunders as well. In some areas I score good, 80-87, but in some I get 60-70. I am planning know to have a week for each area and to master.
    GOD BLESS you,

    and thank you
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    TO: Scaredsomuch
    Msg: Hi! Happy New Year to you and your family... I just want to ask u how many days or weeks did you wait to get your eligibility when you reapply to retake your nclex-rn?.. nways, are u in the united states when you reappply? thanks so much! I wish you good luck on your exam.. u can do it!u ...