did really good on ATI predictor

  1. 0 I'm worried it's going to give me false confidence. Is this thing really that accurate? I felt like I was close to failing the whole time during the test, but apparently i know how to answer the questions.

    I got 84.7%, which is pretty good (98 percentile national). I think 99% chance of passing nlclex started at 80.7% on this test.

    I'm planning on doing the Heart Review, and then a lot of questions (and reviewing wrong ones) for 2 or 3 weeks.

    Does this seems reasonable? Some people say ATI is very close to NLCEX, and some other people I talked to said it's not close at all and I should go buy Kaplan class/materials.
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    I think you'll do fine. My school utilized ATI also. I think it's pretty accurate. I also used other resources like Saunders NCLEX-RN CD and book and NCLEX 3500. Just do practice questions every day and read rationales even on the ones you get right. Good luck!
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    I got the exact same score as you (84.7, 98th percentile, 99% chance of passing). I did the Lacharity PDA book and tons of questions off the Saunders CD and passed the NCLEX with 75 questions. I took my test three days after I scheduled it, two weeks after graduating. You'll be fine... study, but don't worry!
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    It sounds like you'll do fine. I got a 98% on the predictor test. I got shut off at 75 questions, PVT worked and I'm a licensed RN. I was fortunate to have a buddy who didn't use all of his questions in his Kaplan Qbank and gave me his logins. I felt Kaplan helped IMMENSELY. I felt like Kaplan asked those weirdo, oddball NCLEX style questions. I felt like Kaplan was WAY more difficult than ATI. Good luck!
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    I wouldn't stress. If you did that well on the ATI predictor, I'd just take the NCLEX as soon as possible - you're already ready but you'll never *feel* ready.

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