Consistently Scoring in 50%'s in Kaplan

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    With 2 weeks and 3 days until I take NCLEX, my anxiety level is increasing. I keep trying to tell myself to relax, but I am consistently scoring in the 50%'s on my Kaplan Qbank and NCLEX-RN review tests 1-3 (52, 53, and 54 on those). I don't know what this means. If you get in the 50's does that mean you don't have a good chance of passing? Most people seem to be in the 60's. I've only made it that high once or twice when I do 50 questions in Q-bank. Am I doing something wrong? Please help!

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    Kaplan seems to have the hardest review questions. The answers are short but not sweet. IMO, you have think about what each answer is telling you without it being straight forward.

    For example (from Kaplans NCLEX-RN 2005-2006 Edition):

    You're teaching a patient with pernicous anemia. What does she say that tells the nurse that teaching has been successful?

    1. "I will take iron pills"

    2. "I'm going to attend smoking cessation classes"

    3. "I will learn how to perform IM injections"

    4. "I will increase my intake of carbohydrates"

    To get right answer, you have to know what pernicous anemia is. 4 has nothing to do with it. 1 is to throw you off, since anemia can mean an iron deficency. 2 is also to throw you off since many illnesses are agravated by smoking. The correct answer is 2 because the patient would have to do monthy injections of vitamin B12. Pernicous anemia is when the stomach can't absorb B12.

    Anyway, at first I got a 57% on the first practice test. I then went and reviewed Saunders and then took the other Kaplan practice test and scored 67%. I've heard different things about how high the Kaplan scores need to be. Some people say that since it's harder, a score in the 60s is ok. My advice is to try another review book and then go back to Kaplan.
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    I've done around 600 questions total from Saunders and Lippincott. Is there no hope for me?!?!
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    Quote from JenNJFLCA
    I've done around 600 questions total from Saunders and Lippincott. Is there no hope for me?!?!
    Well, Kaplan told me I should expect to do about 5000. Other sources have said 3000-5000. Seems like there's plenty of hope for you, but there's alot more questions in your future
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    Hey there. Take a deep breath....and relax. I've heard of people taking Kaplan on this forum and have gotten 50's and 60's and still managed to pass the NCLEX. I've gotten 60's on most of my question trainers except 5 i got a 55- because i didn't have the mentality to take that many questions that time. I finished 6 yesterday and got a 62.5, will take the last one tomorrow....I take the test in 3 days and i feel somewhat ready..I think the 50's is not that bad..since you only need to get 50% of the hard questions right on the real NCLEX. Hope this helps a bit. And stay strong!
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    Thank you all for your words of encouragement! I am doing an ATI test right now (not timed). Hopefully I can improve my Kaplan scores to the 60's. I am determined! I graduated from nursing school with a 3.7 for crying out loud! I would just be more confident if my scores were higher. I've done 1200 Kaplan questions already, 600ish from other sources, and now I'm working on 200 ATI. I was about to give up this afternoon, but I'm getting back on the saddle. Thanks everyone!!!:spin:
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    I'm SO GLAD that someone posted this. I got a 57, 52, 47 and have just suspended the 4th test because I just need to take a break from it. I feel like I've been doing questions non-stop for 2 weeks and my NCLEX is on Thursday. I'm starting to feel queasy.

    I scored in the 70% on ATI and have been going through the Saunders book doing questions and doing Mosby's question trainer. I have this innate fear of failing the NCLEX this week..........
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    I got a 68% on my ATI! I did it last night. Most of the time I got it down to 2 answers. I've heard that people pass with 50's on Kaplan, but I am would feel much better if I was getting in the 60's. This test messes with your mind before you even take it!!
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    OMG tell me about it! I always did really good on the ATI tests - 70's and 80's. Get to Kaplan and I can't score over a 57% to save my life.......

    However I did score between borderline and passing on their 2 assessment tests in the course and they said even if someone is at borderline that they'll still pass the NCLEX.

    I sure hope so....
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    NJNursing, I think we just need to keep practicing and have confidence in ourselves. I worked today but I am going to do some questions tonight. I'm aiming for at least 100. Where in NJ do you live? I am from Flemington, but came down here to Tampa when I was 18 for college (my 1st degree) and never left!

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