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Q: you have give Morphine sulfate 4mg IV to a client who has an acute MI. when you evaluate the client's response 5 mins after giving the medication, which of these indicates a need for immediate further actions? A: 1. the... Read More

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    I found the question and rationale online. It does say the answer is D. Unfortunately I can't copy and paste the rationale from my phone. I stand corrected. Although, this isn't the first question that I have disagreed with.

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    I think many posters need to go back and look at the time frame that was given. FIVE MINUTES. A drop from 18 breaths/min to 12 breaths/min in only five minutes is pretty significant.
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    2 is the ans use decision tree
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    Oh heck, let's call Aunt Marlene (Hurst)! LOL
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    2 would be the answer because pain is NEVER a life threatening condition. If you had pain of 8/10 and a respiratory rate of 12, the respiratory rate would be the most crucial. The #1 thing that you look for with ANY narcotic pain relief if respiratory depression
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    2 is my answer and 4 is nclex answer.
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    Quote from nrs209
    Oh heck, let's call Aunt Marlene (Hurst)! LOL
    I emailed hurst the question lol
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    I would definitely put answer 2. I have seen a few nclex questions and their rationales do not always make sense. Either the wording of the question is wrong or the answer they r choosing is incorrect. Throughout the whole nursing school they've been teaching us that the only time pain is the priority is when abcs r ok
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    When I was reviewing, I chose number 2 as my answer and I am super confident at that moment with smile and swag haha. But to my big surprise,it turned out that the NCLEX answer was number 4. (whhhaaaaattt???).yeah it is haha, And as far as I can remember, eliminating 1 and 3 first which leave you number 2 and 4 which are the most concern. But comparing the two choices,the rationale that I've read stated that 4 should be the answer since the goal is to eliminate MI chest pain. Presence of pain even in the lowest rate can still compromise oxygen perfusion since this pain indicates that there's still Infarction going on. And I have read in La Charity sthat there are only two kinds of pain that can/might overpower are famous A-B-C sequence.

    First, the M.I. pain

    Second,the pain from compartment syndrome that needs emergency fasciotomy

    Hope these helped you even a little (lol), I'm just sharing what I read and my ideas,but you'll still have the last say or just research it on your own when you have time so that you will be sure cause you might get confused of different answers shared by members including me.hehe. It is really good to find it on your own so that when exam comes,you will have your OWN FIRM ANSWER to attack the question =)

    Godbless and Mahalo from Hawaii =)
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