Average Scores on Kaplan Question Trainers and Qbank and Passed NCLEX 1/18/2013 - page 2

Greetings my fellow Colleagues, I'm brand new to this website and to be honest, I found the social network literally this week while I was freaking out over my NCLEX which was scheduled 1/17/2013.... Read More

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    Diagnostic 77.78%
    Qt 1 66.67%
    Qt 2 77.33%
    Qt 3 63%
    Qt 4 70.67%
    Qt 5 68.67%
    Qt 6 67.5%
    Qt 7 67.55%
    Readiness (taken out of order took before 5 ) 68.33%

    Currently have a 69% on the Qbank with only 38% of the questions used. I am still plugging along though and will probably try the rest of the Qbank tomorrow. I test on Thursday.

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    Sounds like you're ready @AZMOMO2! Those Kaplan scores look great, good luck! Let us know how it goes =D
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    did u take any other review? please can u give any tips? which review is best?
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    thanks davi000! i used saunder's comprehensive review for NCLEX-RN, mosby's comprehensive review for NCLEX-RN, mosby's nclex-rn review med-surg iphone app, as well as Kaplan's in class review course! I really liked Saunders, the iphone apps and of course kaplan!

    hope this helps!
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    PASSED! 75q
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    Quote from AZMOMO2
    PASSED! 75q
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    You're post is just what I needed to here! My date is 2/21 and I've been freaking out! Me of all people to freak out lol I was calm as can be in my ABSN program.

    Anyways, I've been scoring in your range for the most part. Haven't done 6 or 7 yet as I am waiting to do them next week.

    But currently my QBANK score is 57% and I've completed about 60% of all questions!

    Ahh this is so nerve wrecking!
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    @lilblue8511, wow, 60% of the Qbank already, great job! Good luck on 6 and 7, they take foreverrrrr. But I'm sure you'll do just fine. Let us know how it all goes! =D
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    My advise is DO NOT take 6 and 7 to close to your actual test date.

    The sheer size of those tests, as well as doing QBank questions, is burnout inducing. I felt like my brain was going to shut off, about 3 days before the test, I literally could NOT focus on doing anything long. 10 question sets at a time was all that I had the patience for.

    BTW: I managed to complete only 50% of the Qbank questions.
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    Did trainer 6 today and scored a 61.5% -- it IS above the recommended 60% but still -- ahh!

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