Assignment/Delagation mnemonics

  1. i wish this would help guys.. i took my nclex-rn just last tuesday 1st take and i made it at 75question.. i am very average person.. sometime.. i guess borderline.. hehehe...anyway, congratulations in andvance new rns

    - invasive procedure = i am rn educated
    - initial/comprehensive/baseline (assessments)

    - assess (frequent/ongoing =unstable patients)
    - managing and leading client care environment
    ex. clients who are in severe and refusing meds (needs more assessment)

    - review
    - nsg process/ nsg judgement use (apie= assessment,planning, implementation,evaluation)

    - encourage
    - develop
    - use of iv meds (ex. plasma, blood products-- these and iv are done by rn only)
    - consult/counsel/suggest & update
    - admission .. new & post op
    - teach
    - educate
    - discharge & admission preparation

    -certain invasive task =i-sound star cross ++
    - im adm

    - sq adm.
    - oral meds adm
    - urinary catheterization
    - nitroglycerin
    - dreassing of wound (changing & irrigating) very commonly seen q.
    - suctioning
    - tube feeding
    - auscultate/listen
    - routine/standard

    - check(s)
    - reinforce/remind
    - observe
    - set up (basic equipment)
    - specimen collection & data colletion
    -blood glucose readings
    -review/teach-- usually standard practices (hand washing/hygiene) or med administration (ie. eye drops) -- rn mostly teaches/educated and lpns reinforce
    cast & toe amputation are stable clients and need on going assessment and pain mgt./la charity book(don't know too..just dont deprive with it.. just follow the book
    data collection such as listening to lung sounds & checking for peripheral edema_part of lpn scope of practice: /lacharity book
    ** don't assign lvn/lpn to do a task an nurse assistant can complete**

    nursing assistant/uap- unlicense assistive personnel
    - non invasive procedure/basic care =sparrtacus groam +++
    -skin care (ex. bed rest with a skin tear and hematoma from a fall 2 days ago, apply and care for a client's rectal pouch )
    -positioning-- special positioning-- requires initial education by rn -- assistant will assist not teach
    -ambulation/ assisting with adl (ambulation of fractured hip only rn& pt) ( patienst with chestube ambulating the hall-lpn/lvn)
    -recording & monitoring of v/s (bp,pulse, oxygen sat,)
    -range of motion &exercise
    -transport of client
    -assist (assisting for prep for sitz bath)
    -collection of
    -urine &
    -groam (groaming & hygiene measure, bathing & checking water temp)
    intake & output
    - remind/reinforce: usually reminds pt. to do something rather than how to do it (skills previously taught by other health care professional or precaution measures)***
    - they can detach suction and remove a foley but not connect or insert
    - gather (equipment)
    - measurement of ankle and bracial blood pressure for ankle brachial index calculation.(calculated already)
    ( calculation on the ankle-brachian index is responsibility of rn)
    -experienced nsg assistant should have been taught how to..
    monitor apical pulse, however, the rn should observe to be sure that s/he mastered this skills.
    ---la charity book---

    new rn
    -education and hospital orientation includes.. safe administration of iv meds.
    -stable patients

    some key points:
    patients that require teaching about drugs or need procedures done are not rn priority.

    -informed consent
    -medical diagnosis
    -order procedures

    avoid these assignments for new/float/lvn/lpn/traveling
    -new onset/sudden/acute
    -new admission
    -newly diagnosed
    -require education/teaching (beyond basic skills -- tend to be complex and specific to patients on that particular unit)
    - unstable (ie. high risk of sudden respiratory failure, or requires frequent assessments and changes in therapy(like electrolyte imbalances)
    - chronic
    - routine meds/procedures
    - stable

    all healthcare workers
    - responsible for knowing about and implementing standard precautions + airborne/droplet/contact --> therefore all can teach about it or prepare a room for it
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    Im taking Nclex I just failed having 205 questions both times any tips Im taking PN
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    Hi there! I'm in Bay Area.. Anyway, I used Saunders 4th ed. though I didn't finish the book only 60%. Exam Cram 2nd ed online for free ( I didn't finish it too.. only 600questions out of 1200+), Kaplan Question Trainers 1-7 online for free (my score was horribly low).. NCLEX-RN 3500 online for free.. I only answered 5% of it but I make sure to answer the pre test first, I also used La Charity 1st ed. online for free ( I only finish 15% of it.. those the important one) I have my Kaplan Strategies 2010-2011( I read it first before anything else to understand the nature of NCLEX-RN.. I read the whole book) I downloaded NCLEX ARDS on my iphone.. its an application of 3000+question I guess I purchase it for only 4dollars (very useful on the go, and I always make sure to do some drills there before I get to bed.. its a content base... most of the question are from lippincott and various reliable authors)..

    Have you already take the test?
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    Thanks for posting this!! I'm trying to create a mini review guide to look at the last 2 days before my test & this is VERY helpful
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