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i wish this would help guys.. i took my nclex-rn just last tuesday 1st take and i made it at 75question.. i am very average person.. sometime.. i guess borderline.. hehehe...anyway, congratulations in andvance new rns rn -... Read More

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    thank you so much SCHALKE20 for this post and for sharing!!! im also a filipina, you really helped me a lot with this prioritization/delegation.... actually i did my nclex-rn exam this morning 8am Sep.20,2011 (first timer).... and shut off at 75 question and got out around 10:45am....when i went home i was so depressed coz i feel that i really didn't do well because i know for sure my last question 75 was wrong hehehe.... i was so hesitant to do the PVT but i just did it so that i will not go crazy thinking about it...around 2pm today i got the "good pop up"....i was crying,crying,crying coz i can't believe it... i just did one thing "I PRAYED SO HARD"......
    Hi there kababayan! I'm sure you passed! PVT is so accurate! CONGRATSS!!!!! and this thread helped me a lot too
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    thank you so much KINSELLA!!!!! kababayan!!!!!! i miss philippines!hehe
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    They blocked the link can you email it to me please?
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    hello! congratulations for passing the nclex rn!.. i'll be taking my test this october. im getting so anxious as day passess. i was just wondering what books did you use to review? im using saunders 5th edition and printed out the fact throwing thread i got from this foruim..
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    I used Saunders ( as my main review book ). Answered the tests after each chapter, also answering the Saunders CD as I read the book. I got 80-90% score doing that (quizzes, exams).

    Kaplan QT trainer helped me with critical thinking! especially Kaplan QT 5-7

    Yeah, the random fact throwing was really helpful!! I copied and downloaded it to my phone and read it almost everywhere.

    Good luck!
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    thank you kinsella

    who are candidates for october nclex rn test here? mine will be 8th of october... so anxious! its my first time to take the a filipino, to all october test taker, goodluck to all of us and may God guide and bless us!...
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    hi schalke! congratz again for passing the nclex!i just took mine last 10th october and i tried the pvt trick, think i failed. huhuhuuhu.. can you give me any advice on how did you prepare for the test? what books did you used? i mostly got sata questions and infection control. thankz!
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    thanks for sharing this information. very helpful po!
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    if you have any tips or strategies can please email them to me...Im going to try again to take the Nclex. Your strategies are so helpful thanks for posting!!
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    that is some great info.
    Congratulations!!! and good look finding the best job

    I am taking my test next month, I seriously wish I pass at the first try..though
    my prep is not up to the mark yet...

    Kudos to you !!