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Assignment/Delagation mnemonics - page 3

i wish this would help guys.. i took my nclex-rn just last tuesday 1st take and i made it at 75question.. i am very average person.. sometime.. i guess borderline.. hehehe...anyway, congratulations... Read More

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    Quote from kinsella
    A Filipino local board passer here.
    My Nclex RN exam is scheduled next week.
    Please pray for me..

    I read your delegation info and downloaded it to my phone.

    Thank you super!!
    How did your nclex exam go?
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    Thanks for your post. It is very helpful.
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    review at lifesaver is a joke not helpful waste of money
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    Thank you schalke20 for sharing this helpful information and links
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    "this is just my opinion.. i guess guys it better to make a study plan first.. then if you have it.. develop a routine.. consider it as a fun.. a game..(like me i got 4 colors of,black,green and blue.. i must use each for 25question.. which ever pen got the high score.. i rewarded the pen to answer in my short test using it alone..on my review my book and my pen are my best friend and i treasure it."

    schalke20, you are just too cute!thanks for sharing and for the smiles!
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    Hi guys,, Please don't hesitate and PM me if you need some help on your review. I'll be willing to help as much as I can. If you need some advices and motivations.. and even more.. study buddy as long as were closer or nearby. I will do it just to make you pass.
    @CharcoalPepper @Memoreeze @anntweet @kinsella @Gaga4googoos @Winnie_Kate @NurseLoveJoy88..

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    I passed. Thank you Schalke20!! your info really helped me! passed on 1st attempt.
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    ^ Hi kinsella You are

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    Thanks Schalke20!!! 4 days before my exam when I visited this thread! I love the mnemonics!!

    Is it OK to share the file?
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    ^sure. Yes please.. spread it!
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    Thank you! my friends will be delighted!
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    thank you! for sharing!!!:bowingpur
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    Quote from anntweet
    Oh Goodluck! just tell us how it goes.. hehehe
    Hello anntweet. I passed the nclex-rn exam. God is good.