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  1. CharcoalPepper

    NCLEX 9/19/2012

    Congratulations Nurse :)
  2. CharcoalPepper

    NCLEX 9/19/2012

    Good Luck :)
  3. CharcoalPepper

    Took nclex-rn today

    Congratulations :)
  4. CharcoalPepper

    Tell me what you think

    Congratulations Nurse nikkibroddy :)
  5. CharcoalPepper

    Pharmacology Flashcards (drug cards)

    ♪♫ in my ♥"Perhaps all the well wishes through this thread contributed to my brand new job offer at the level 1 trauma center nearby!". It's karma :)Conragulations on your new job :)
  6. CharcoalPepper

    New Rn looking for pt sheet, brain sheet, cheat sheet etc

    Thanks for sharing with everyone Esme12 :)
  7. CharcoalPepper

    Did I just pass the NCLEX??

    Congratulations new RN :)
  8. CharcoalPepper


    Congratulations new RN's :)
  9. CharcoalPepper

    The Most Important Must Know Drugs For NCLEX

    Thanks for posting a nice summary reference for everyone :)
  10. CharcoalPepper

    NCLEX tomorrow 6/22!!

    Good Luck. Relax and focus. Let us know how things go. :)
  11. CharcoalPepper

    Nclex tomorrow!!

    Good Luck! I hope all your time preparing for the exam pays off :)
  12. CharcoalPepper

    Graduation pushed back a year due to failing a semester!

    Great advice tlc4u. I would also suggest speaking with your professors and asking for assistance from them. Many professors are more than willing to help students who ate obviously trying. Just ask for help early in the semester rather then waiting until you are already failing. Best of luck. :)
  13. CharcoalPepper

    What is a phone interview like for a New Grad RN candidate?

    Thanks Beau4me06 for posting such helpful advice. Good luck BostonStudentNurse, let us know how things go. :)
  14. CharcoalPepper

    Any tips about memorizing drugs for Pharm?

    Thanks for sharing your tips :)
  15. CharcoalPepper

    clinicals, nursing thru the day

    What a great scheduling resource. Thank you for taking the time to write it out. I'm sure it will be very helpful for many students.
  16. CharcoalPepper

    Student Resources: Health Assessment Materials

    Thank you for having this appear on the current threads again. Great resources to review while on break between semesters :-)