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OK I know this sounds stupid but I have a friend that gets really freaked out before big tests like finals, HESI, NCLEX, and usually we get together and a few days before I start throwing out random facts at her. On 2 different... Read More

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    Can someone send me the up to date random facts file? I would be so greatful ... Thanks in advance to whom ever pays it forward to me... I'll do the same!!! happy nursing

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    Can someone please send me the updated random facts file please and thanks in advance!
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    Can someone email me the handy facts?!?!! Please&thanks!
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    -live vaccine

    -avoid contact with immunosupressed patients

    -SubQ route

    -assess for egg allergies

    -no preganacy
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    Quote from cuddlyanne
    hello everyone if anyone need random facts all in one file then pls pm me and leave ur e mail ......i will send u file right away as i get ur e mail......i have copy all random facts and made one big file....i copied page 1 to 100 then 200-275...after that i took my exam and passed.but still that information is too much, after u read u can even pass doctor exam i m always willing to help...when ever u send me private message pls leave ur e mail address.... hi prado..i hope you can email it to me too. my email add is cuddlyanne@yahoo.comit will really be appreciated so much. thank you
    hi cuddlyanne please email the facts to me at
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    hi!can u also send it to me.. it would be a great help...tnx much..
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    And SIADH
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    Cuddlyann please send me the facts to Thanks:-)
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    Could you please send me the facts to Thank you very very very much!
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    Hello everyone, I take the boards in less than a week and I would greatly appreciate it if someone could email me this rare gem of a review. My email is

    Thank you very much and congrats to all those who have taken it and passed. And good luck to all those still waiting and studying

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