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  1. Faus

    NYC Nclex RN study group/ or FaceTime Skype group

    Ricoboy242..which state are you?
  2. Faus

    Failed my nclex twice and im very dipressed. Help.

    I think I know who you talking about. Will look!
  3. Faus

    I Passed NCLEX-RN 2nd Time in 75q!

    Lovenursing_ did you like the Saunders book.
  4. Faus

    How I passed NCLEX-RN with 78 Questions!

    Is long but it makes sense. I have not taking my exam yet. I canceled my date cos I got anxiety and don't study well. Am now studying at least 6 weeks and then will schedule 2 to 4 days to take my exam. I have all the resources except uworld.
  5. Faus

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    I will try to attach the random FACT. ..
  6. Faus

    NCSBN learning extension subscription

    JPG18.. so what resources are you planning to use now..I heard about uworld.
  7. Faus

    Failed my nclex twice and im very dipressed. Help.

    Thank you for your advice yohanes9. I have canceled my exams. I currently have all those resources except uworld. I will replace Michel Linares videos with Judy miller's videos. They said too much resources Confuses you...
  8. Faus

    Failed my nclex twice and im very dipressed. Help.

    Strawberryluv did you just you this book or something else.
  9. Faus

    Got the BSN, now on to the NCLEX

    You will pass Athlete2bNurseBSN..
  10. Faus

    Passed NCLEX second Time!

    Congratulations AmberCain, did you ever come across uworld..
  11. Faus

    PASSED NCLEX with 75 Q! What I did Differently

    Congratulations SunnySide56, this exam is letting me go crazy, I will appreciate if you send me your notes thank you. fkoduma1150@ymail.com
  12. Faus

    NCSBN learning extension subscription

    Did you like it. .cos am using it too..got the 5 weeks plan