Anyone get good pop up then CC Screen??

  1. im reading horror stories about people getting good pop ups and then the CC screen after.. can anyone confirm or deny please? i got the good pop up today after taking my exam and im freaking out now...
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  3. by   tiffanyc123
    or has anyone at least heard of this?
  4. by   Hadassah16
    Tiff, stop! You will make yourself mentally sick. You Miss RN want to function in your new RN job with a sound mind. You Pass! now go celebrate or get some sleep. Hugs.
  5. by   DragonflyLady17
    I got the good pop up today too.. I was reading a poll they started and its a good thing if they say you cannot register because you registered oreviously But I need to see my name on the State board to be 100% sure. my name RN ....ahhh!
  6. by   DragonflyLady17
    took my exam this afternoon! it was hard too
  7. by   tiffanyc123
    So u guys are also checking the website every 10 minutes to make sure u still get the pop up too?? or am i the only nuts one here...
  8. by   DragonflyLady17
    Haha no I checked 3 times to make sure I read it properly... I stopped. Gonna check my state board tomm.
  9. by   kfitzy89
    I know Florida's board had mine up the following morning, so it was much quicker than paying for the quick results
  10. by   DLO, BSN, RN
    I took my NCLEX-RN on January 22nd. In the parking lot afterward, I got the "good pop up". Then the next morning, less than 24 hours later, my license posted on the TXBON. I still don't have my results from Pearson but at this point in time-- it doesn't matter :-D

  11. by   DragonflyLady17
    I am officially a NURSE..whoohooo...! yepp got that pop up yesterday...and this morning its confirmed.. less than 24 hrs
  12. by   applepie2013
    kfitzy89, I took it today (friday) and I got the good pop up, will my name be on FL' s BON tomorrow on SAturday?..thanks you!
  13. by   ssk5
    I am also checking my result frequently. I can't believe......that i did it.