6 year post graduate. 1st attempt fail 75q. 2nd try pass 75q - page 2

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Its official! I pass! Im a Register Nurse!! Its feels really good. Thank you Heavenly Father, allnurses, all the awesome people I met here. My source: Kaplan Qt and Qbank: way harder then the actual Nclex but was helpful, it... Read More

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    I raise an eyebrow when I read 265 failed or passed, meaning the student borderline the whole time.
    To go from 75 fail to 75 pass is a huge accomplishment, you should be very proud.
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    eleectrosaurus yes very proud. I didnt know I could do good. Im excited to work. I want to be a dialysis nurse. Its my next goal how to be a great nurse. I'm so worry because they said Nclex have their own world nothing compare to the real world. :spin:
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    Congrats marj! I am calling NYOP for my att and im just starting to read and read again.

    I know u could do it! you're such an inspiration!
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    one1morestep.. Thanks girl. I was so motivated by your daily log. Thanks to you girl. I know you can do it too. Remember all the people that joined your log Passed.
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    Congrats kabayan!!!! God is good.. U Deserve it..im happy for your success..👍🙏 thank you for the tips.. 🙏🙏🙏 please pray for us.. Thank u..
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    Congrats! All of your hard ships made the journey more worth it... Go out and celebrate, you deserve it!
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    Wow! Thank you for sharing your nice story and the reviewers...Your such a kind person, God will bless you more..btw what state your planning to work? and when did u take the nclex exam? Thank you for ur time...
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    CONGRATSq!!!!!!! OMG SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Congatulationssssssss! If you don't mind sharing, can u break down your nclex questions, what were the majority of questions about? Thanks much