265 Questions and sobbing.

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    Hello all, I took my NCLEX yesterday and took the whole 6 hours finishing my test with 265 questions. I am so devastated and been crying since yesterday. I am in such a wreck that I don't even have the strength to eat or get up from the bed. I studied so hard for this test but I can't believe that I did so horrible.

    I have been above average student in class and all my friends passed with less than 100 questions. My parents work so hard to put me through nursing school and I let them down. It's just too many thoughts in my mind and I am soon scared to even try the Pearson registration trick. All I remember is a lot of multiple answer questions, 3 calculation, lot of priority questions too and my final question was a multiple answer which I am pretty sure, I got it wrong. Is there any hope that I passed?? Thank you in advance.
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    hey, cheer up! just do the pvt so you can sleep on it already.
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    I know tons of people that passed with 265 questions. Getting lots of select all that apply is usually a good sign. Dot the PVT, it'll help relieve some stress no matter what the result is.
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    Yessss u just need to do the PVT...ur stressing urself even more...and I know lots of people that passed with 265...I actually passed with 225 questions and I never heard of any1 passing at that many questions!! I'm sure you did fine!! It doesn't matter how many questions u pass at..it just matters that u passed!!!
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    Thank you for your support. I am soo nervous still. I know I am just one step away from finding out but I am not getting the guts to do it. Aghhh! I really appreciate all you guys support and will let know if I had the strength to check it little later.
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    The unknown is a killer.. Don't let the time or number of questions scare you. I have 2 friends that I know of take all 265 questions and pass. One of them was what I call "boy genius" he graduated high school at 16 !!!!

    I think just about everyone that takes NCLEX
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    sorry, wasn't finished LOL...

    I think just about everyone that takes the NCLEX walks away feeling like they failed, I know I did but I passed
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    Thank you for the positive vibe Sun08! Trust me the wait is killing me and I am trying to gather my strength and check it if I passed or not. Will let you know. Thank u for your support!
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    Hey guys, so finally I checked my Pvt and it took me straight to credit card. So I failed and I am more devastated. Can someone tell me how accurate it is since I checked after more than 24 hours after the test?? I am sobbing again. Please help.
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    they said it's pretty accurate. Im sorry to hear that but don't give up! do your bestest next time

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