265 Questions and sobbing.

  1. Hello all, I took my NCLEX yesterday and took the whole 6 hours finishing my test with 265 questions. I am so devastated and been crying since yesterday. I am in such a wreck that I don't even have the strength to eat or get up from the bed. I studied so hard for this test but I can't believe that I did so horrible.

    I have been above average student in class and all my friends passed with less than 100 questions. My parents work so hard to put me through nursing school and I let them down. It's just too many thoughts in my mind and I am soon scared to even try the Pearson registration trick. All I remember is a lot of multiple answer questions, 3 calculation, lot of priority questions too and my final question was a multiple answer which I am pretty sure, I got it wrong. Is there any hope that I passed?? Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   chikah_dorah
    hey, cheer up! just do the pvt so you can sleep on it already.
  4. by   hgiganti
    I know tons of people that passed with 265 questions. Getting lots of select all that apply is usually a good sign. Dot the PVT, it'll help relieve some stress no matter what the result is.
  5. by   Bella2917
    Yessss u just need to do the PVT...ur stressing urself even more...and I know lots of people that passed with 265...I actually passed with 225 questions and I never heard of any1 passing at that many questions!! I'm sure you did fine!! It doesn't matter how many questions u pass at..it just matters that u passed!!!
  6. by   ttsewang
    Thank you for your support. I am soo nervous still. I know I am just one step away from finding out but I am not getting the guts to do it. Aghhh! I really appreciate all you guys support and will let know if I had the strength to check it little later.
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  7. by   Sun0408
    The unknown is a killer.. Don't let the time or number of questions scare you. I have 2 friends that I know of take all 265 questions and pass. One of them was what I call "boy genius" he graduated high school at 16 !!!!

    I think just about everyone that takes NCLEX
  8. by   Sun0408
    sorry, wasn't finished LOL...

    I think just about everyone that takes the NCLEX walks away feeling like they failed, I know I did but I passed
  9. by   ttsewang
    Thank you for the positive vibe Sun08! Trust me the wait is killing me and I am trying to gather my strength and check it if I passed or not. Will let you know. Thank u for your support!
  10. by   ttsewang
    Hey guys, so finally I checked my Pvt and it took me straight to credit card. So I failed and I am more devastated. Can someone tell me how accurate it is since I checked after more than 24 hours after the test?? I am sobbing again. Please help.
  11. by   chikah_dorah
    they said it's pretty accurate. Im sorry to hear that but don't give up! do your bestest next time
  12. by   obloom14
    Its accurate...didn't pass twice took straight to cc page. Don't give up though. Be tough, hold your head up high and keep going. Take one week off to relax then hit the bokks again. I've been studying since December...failed in jan...in march...and will retake this month. And I know i'll pass this time. The number of times you take the nclex will NOT determine what type of nurse I'm going to be.

    Remember, God gives you things you can handle.

    If you need help just PM me.
  13. by   Nurse428
    Keep trying. you can if you will. Start again, see where you need to improve. Remember it doesn't mean you didn't pass you are not good enough. It just means that it is just not your time yet. When you're ready, you will know. cry if you must. As they say. CRYING IS THERAPEUTIC. When you're ready to start again, do it with fresh perspective. Pray for strength and He will help you all the way thru!
  14. by   ereyes24
    Dont give up we have the same situation took it last april 18 i have 265 questions also and went straight to the cc page. I feel so devastated. But then again i need to face the nclex cuz its my dream to be an RN i wont give up until i get my license. For now i am gathering softwares and pdfs but still trying to figure out how to start yet but eventually ill get organize if you need help you can jst pm me ella_reyes1824@yahoo.com maybe we can be study buddies an help each other out. Take care and God bless you always. God has a perfect timing for us to conquer the nclex