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  1. 0 I am currently in an associates RN program in NYS and will be graduating in May. I've noticed that many new grads are having a hard time finding a job due to the economy and hiring freezes which seem to be in most states. I did find a lot of postings at hospitals in Montana for new grads on general med/surg floors and even ED. Just wondering if anyone could tell me how the job market is for new grads in Montana. I'm getting slightly concerned about being able to find work after graduating.....
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    I'm currently in a BSN program in Missoula and there are no jobs to be had here (for new grads, slim for experienced RNs). One of the two local hospitals recently laid off several LPNs and ancillary staff. Both have implemented a hiring freeze. However, it looks like Benefis in Great Falls is hiring new grads. You might also try Billings. Missoula and Bozeman are the college towns in the state and they seem to have the least amount of jobs.

    Good luck!
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    I'm in the same situation. soon to be BSN grad from MN (where there are NO jobs) I've been looking in Montana but would consider other states if anyone knows of places that are hiring!
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    Check out the IHS Loan repayment they have 2 hospitals in MT that desperately need good luck
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    nothing within 100 miles of missoula, that much I can say with certainty!
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    I live AZ and graduated last July. The only jobs for new grads are LTC. I have applied out of state. Tons of job postings but Nobody will hire a new grad!!
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    The hospital in Kalispell has a new grad program - it's pretty tight, but at least a maybe for a new job
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    No jobs in Montana!! I'm a new grad ADN-RN in Montana and Billings Clinic in Billings has Magnet status so no hiring ADN-RNs. Bozeman has no jobs either.
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    I have heard there are jobs in nursing homes. I know it is not your first pick, but you have to get some experience and wait it out, right? Good luck everyoneDon't get discouraged!!

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    Anyone try hospitals in Great Falls? I talked to HR at one hospital (can't remember which one) but they said they do hire new grads.
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    That would be Benefis hospital. I know they hire new nurses since I've seen a few going through training recently. I can't say with any certainty that they are still hiring new nurses. They have a job listing page on their website Benefis It's a great hospital that I love working in, they have a lot of great people to work with. Of course every place has it's ups and downs, it never hurts to talk to someone currently employed there. Good luck with your job searches.
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    yeah it was Benefis that was hiring. I called about 2.5 months ago and they were hiring at that time.
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    Try Williston, ND, its about 20 minutes from Montana. LOTS of jobs.
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