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    Hi, I'm a Jefferson County nursing student, working on my ADN at Jefferson College, south of St. Louis. It's a bi-level program. The first year is LPN, and I'm doing a second year so I can sit for the RN exam. I just passed the NCLEX-PN. I'm working in a nursing home, part-time.

    This is a second career for me; I spent about 20 years working in libraries.

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    HI, I am from good old St. Charles County, what used to be the country when I was growing up around these parts, lived in Fla, and Georgia, McDonnell douglas brat. This is a second career for me, used to be an optician/retail manager, got burnt out, switched to nursing. So far loving it working on a tele floor and learning more every day than my old brain can upload it seems like. I know now why they say nursing is forever learning. Hope to hear more replies on this site, does anyone have info on MONA and how to contact them about their chapter meetings in st chas county?
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    Hi Ya'll
    Ozark county is home, glad to see this site here to help me through first job after LPN program. Hope we get some more postings soon
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    Hi ! I'm from KC and graduated from Park's LPN-RN bridge program last spring. Looking for any nurses in the Boone county area for questions, I plan on moving there in a few years.
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    Southwest MO graduate here from May 06. Working at the Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield. Not quite what you concentrate on in nursing school, but EXACTLY what I was looking for!!
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    Quote from ikatiana21
    Im from Union, MO but Im living in STL for my ASN program at Barnes Jewish College of Nursing.
    Hi, I'm still taking the prereqs but am planning to attend Barnes for their Upper Divison BSN program. I was just wondering what you think of the ASN program and the school/hospital in general. Any feedback would be great!

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    Hey everyone. i am from warren county (about 60 miles west of st. louis).
    I am sure SWRN knows where I am. I have lived in Missouri since I was 4, and in about 4 diff counties.
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    Yep Christine, I do know exactly where you are. I was over in Warrenton just the other day. I was doing home health visits and worked my schedule to end up there so I could make a visit to the outlet mall. Didn't find what I was looking for, but I still like going there once in awhile!
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    my name is pat and moved to st. louis about 1 year ago from southern illinois...i was wondering if anyone knows of a group health insurance plan that the various nursing boards or organizations offer to RNs...thanks...pat
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    I live in Kirkwood, MO and I'm a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom. I was on my way to nursing school when I had an unexpected high risk pregnancy and had to go on bedrest for 10 weeks. Nursing school has been put on hold, but I have all of my prereqs completed, so I would still love to go when my boys are in school. I was on my way to Barnes-Jewish for the ASN program, but I am now considering an accelerated BSN program or ASN at St. Louis Community College. I just don't know if I can do it financially and if I'll be able to juggle home life and school life. We'll see.... I hope I can go some day. In the meantime, I love reading all about the ins and outs of the profession on this website.

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