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  1. maggijo


    I just accepted a job at Children's as a graduate nurse, and YES, there's a BSN differential.
  2. maggijo

    2011 summer externship

    UMSL has one with the BJC hospitals and Missouri Baptist has one. Both are hard to get, especially Mo Bap's, because they accept so few people. I highly recommend doing one because you will learn a TON and it looks impressive on a resume. Feel free to ask me any questions you have. I did the UMSL-BJC externship in labor and delivery. Good luck!
  3. maggijo

    Nursing shortage in St. Louis?

    How hard is it for a GN to get a job in St. Louis? I keep hearing that it's getting increasingly difficult for new grads to find jobs because of the economy. How can I improve my odds of getting a job? I have a previous degree and work experience, no healthcare experience, and I will graduate with a BSN. Any thoughts/advice? THANKS!
  4. In terms of reputable schools, Maryville U. is way up there in terms of NCLEX scores (most recent: 96%) and good reputation for their BSN program. Something to consider.
  5. maggijo

    Missouri Salary Poll

    Yeah, StL is cheap compared to other cities, but under 100k for a nice house?? Where? I would think these houses are not located in high quality school districts.
  6. I have 2 children and personally, I do NOT recommend starting clinicals one week after giving birth! I could barely walk, much less think straight, one week after having a baby. Take a semester off, enjoy your new baby, and start up again when the dust settles a little. Congratulations, BTW!
  7. maggijo

    Any $40/hr jobs in STL?

    Do you know if you have to have seniority to be hired for a weekend option job? Also, do weekenders qualify for benefits (I know PRN don't)? What is considered the "weekend": Fri., Sat., and Sun.? Thanks!
  8. maggijo

    Missouri Salary Poll

    Dumb question from a nursing student: does this mean that it would be +$5.00 for weekend nights?
  9. maggijo

    services for antepartum moms...suggestions?

    Thank you for addressing this. I was on bedrest in the hospital for 4 weeks (additional 6 weeks at home), and I saw other patients on the antepartum wing ONE other time, there were NO group activities/movies/crafts, and I was depressed, lonely, and miserable. I would suggest access to some sort of counseling for the patients. Not once was I offered the opportunity to talk to someone about what a scary situation my baby and I were in. In retrospect, I realize how seriously lacking the focus on the psychological/emotional side of bedrest was at this particular hospital. I felt like I was in jail, and it doesn't have to be this way. Anyway, thanks again for this thread.
  10. maggijo

    How much is your pay?

    Where do you live?? I KNOW the salary's nothing like that here in MO.
  11. maggijo

    Missouri Salary Poll

    I'm the original poster. I'm pretty sure of the base pay for new grads in the St. Louis area. I am most interested in hearing how much more people earn as they gain more experience. In other words, once I'm in the profession for 5 years or so, what kind of increase from the $18 or so/hour might I expect? Thanks.
  12. maggijo

    Missouri Salary Poll

    Sorry for the tacky question, but I'm curious: What is your salary? How many years have you been working as an RN? What MO city do you live in? What area do you work in? Thanks!
  13. maggijo

    Where's that salary chart??

    I wonder if there is an updated salary chart? If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks!
  14. maggijo

    How much is your pay?

    New grads make $18.50/hr. in St. Louis, MO area. You can get a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home in a good school district for approx. 200-250k, depending on the part of town. This base salary is appalling, in my opinion. I can't believe some of the salaries on here. So much higher than what I will be looking at after graduation.
  15. maggijo

    Where's that salary chart??

    Can someone tell me where I can find that chart I saw on here a few months ago that ranks all of the states for RN salaries (taking cost of living into consideration)? Thanks!
  16. maggijo


    I'm going to work on that! Can you try again? Thanks!