Wages for new nurse in Missouri/Kansas area

  1. 0 Hey everyone,

    Just out of curiosity, what are new grads in the KC area starting at these days?
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    I can tell you starting wages in STL for new grads (I assume they are not dissimilar to KC). Christian Hospital: $19.50. Barnes-Jewish (Big Barnes): $20.80. SSM (all hospitals): $21.00.
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    Great! Thank you so much
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    I was told that Christian started off at $20.80 as well. $19.50 wouldn't be much more than Im making as a tech.
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    Quote from Mommy2RN
    I was told that Christian started off at $20.80 as well. $19.50 wouldn't be much more than Im making as a tech.
    It could be $20.80, it would make sense to have all BJC facilities paying the same. The amounts I quoted above I got from colleagues who graduated with me in August and were hired at those locations. I agree $19.50, even $21.00, is too low, way too low for an RN. We should start @ $25.00 and go to $30.00 after the first year.
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    BJC nurses max out at $40/hr (nonexempt employees) from my understanding. The cost of living isn't such that we need to start out at $25. My starting rate of $20.90 with two small raises since has been plenty to pay back my loans easily, and recently purchase a house. $30/hr after the first year would be awesome and all but...
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    Most hospitals in the KCMO area start new grads at 21.50.
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    top of scale is $30 in central MO
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    Cerriwen, when did you start how long did it take to get your raises?
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    I graduated June 2013, my start pay was similar to posted above. But I got lucky to score a weekend option position during days which is $10 more plus evening differential and weekend differential. Not bad for a new grad?
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    Hello 5h3rL. I was curious which hospital you were at (sounds like SLU maybe?). I graduate in May and would love to hear how you like your weekend option position, what you think of the hospital you work in, how your unit and coworkers are, and really just how your first year as a nurse in general has been going! Feel free to message me or reply to this post. Thanks!

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