How Do I Transfer My Texas RN to Missouri RN??? Afterwards.. any luck with JOBS???

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    Hey all,
    I am a recent graduate of a nursing school in Texas and moved to central Missouri after getting married. I had planned to work in Texas until life changed it's plans and now am a new graduate (May) and am in the wrong state for my license. So...
    HOW do I get registered to work as a Registered Nurse (BSN) in Missouri???
    I know it is part of the compact act and that does make things easier, but I think my brain is just so fogged from stress and moving and life that I've just not got it all together to figure out. So if anyone could lead me in the right direction that would be SOOOOO much appreciated!

    Also... once I get my license changed is there ANY luck with jobs?!? I've been looking around (we live in central Missouri and i've been looking as far as KS on the south/east area and it seems hopeless. Insight on New Grad positions/when they open up/any advice welcome!!

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    Check the MO BON website and look for the section on applying for licensure by endorsement. All the info and forms you need should be there.
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    Contact the MO BON. They are online, and all the info will be there.

    I don't know anything about the job situation.
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    You might have more luck if you post in the missouri forum?
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    Jobs are OK...there's a lot of hope in nursing homes...not sure like where you are wanting to depends onw hat part of Missouri you want.
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    Welcome to MO! It's fantastic here. Definitely contact the BON, I'm sure they can walk you through the process of getting licensed here.

    About jobs, I'm in southwest MO. Cox (in Springfield) has a new grad program that starts in January and June. St. John's Mercy (also in Springfield) has a huge list of jobs on their website. A lot of my nursing school classmates got hired there as new grads. I'm not sure about elsewhere in the state. Good luck!
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    There are a ton of nursing positions in SW MO where I live due to the recent tornado in Joplin.
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    Write the state board of nursing for the state you want to practice in for direction.

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    If you have already passed the NCLEX and have an compact RN License in Texas, then you can practice in Missouri already
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    Thanks yall, got it figured out! They had a list I found on the website for Missouri BON

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