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  1. BearishBob

    Can anyone explain to me the rationale behind this order?

    Well, I'm just guessing here, but: D5NS because he is NPO and doesnt have a PEG, so he needs something for energy. LR has 4 mEq of potassium in it, for the K of 3.3.
  2. BearishBob

    Moving to Seattle alone?

    I lived in the seattle area for two years when I was a young man, I loved it. I want to go back. Here, in the armpit of hell, its been over 100 degrees everyday of June. I only see the sun through the shades of the window. I miss being outside. You can always put on a jacket in Seattle. Here, theres only so much you can take off before you get a court appearance.
  3. BearishBob

    29 applications in and still no job!!!

    HR are gatekeepers of the hospital who filter out applications based on the criteria posted for the job. It doesn't matter that a nurse manager might make an exception for you, the NM probably will not even see your application because you don't match the job requirements. So my advice to you is to skip HR completely, at least in the begining. Put on some business casual attire or scrubs and march right up to the nurse managers office on the floor you want to work on. Try to arrive a few hours after shift change. Introduce yourself and say you're a new grad looking for a job. Drop off your resume. If the NM invites you in to talk to her, its a win. You get some facetime with the NM while she looks over your resume. Try and be extroverted for 15 mins, even if you're shy. Make a good impression. I graduated in 2010 and I put in 2 applications before I got a job.
  4. BearishBob

    Can anyone help me understand patient ratios?

    Can you go back to school and get your RN? You would have more options as an RN. Like quitting the job you have now. The only state that has state mandated nurse to patient ratios is California. However, its not all sunshine and roses there. The hospitals have just fired all the ancillary staff to make up for it.
  5. BearishBob

    Why do mean/crabby people become nurses??

    Im going to tell you my dog story about perception. Lets take a fact you know in your heart of hearts is true: The sky is blue. So, you say to the dog, "The sky is blue". The dog, who can't see color says, "Lies, its all lies. Everyone knows the sky is grey." Much of the world is based on point of view and your perception. Her point of view could be the night shift nurse isn't getting his job done. Your point of view is that she is a bully. Or it could be that she is just being nasty. You will never know until you talk to her about it. Take her aside somewhere were you arent causing a scene. Start off with an apology. It may be undeserved, but it would smooth things over. I would personally say something like, "Im sorry I was rude to you the other day, it wasn't my intention. I just feel like I have to be 100 percent done at 8, or you wont accept my patients. But when I take report from you, there are things not done. I realize nursing is a 24/7 job, but it makes me feel aweful when you demand I stay and finish everything. Can you help me out when I don't get it all done, and I will try and do a better job to make sure its all done for you?" You should be able to find some middle ground. If, after your talk, she continues her behavior, then you can big deal it to a manager.
  6. I would say 'Conflict Resolution' with educators who hadnt been in bedside nursing for 20 years.
  7. BearishBob

    missouri nursing school with a felony

    You might consult with a criminal attorney. It is possible to petition the court and get your record expunged. It would be easier to apply to both school and for licensure with a clean slate.
  8. BearishBob

    Most common travel nurse positions

    Im sorry, my first thoughts were to say something lewd. But from what I've been seeing the top three are: ER, OR, and Labor and Delivery.
  9. BearishBob

    Travel Nursing US (San Fo) vs Riyadh,Saudi for 1 year

    Can I suggest something different? I looked at the same options recently. Saudi doesnt grant visa's for male nurses. So that was out for me, but also I wouldnt move to a country that treats women like property. While you are in Saudi, you are subject to their laws. Imagine the worst case scenario. You could be in a Saudi prison, for a reward of only 58 grand. Seems like the risk just wasnt worth the reward. I found travel nursing to be like buying a used car. Sometimes you get a great deal and everything runs something. Other times you get low pay and work hellish conditions. The worst part is you never really know how good of a deal you got until you're already there. In your situation, it means either bringing your husband with you or leaving him at home. Either way the expenses add up. If you bring him with you, some agencies make you pay more for housing for two. Then he has to find a job. If he stays at home, your going to eat up all kinds of money on trips home and phone time. This all brings me to where Im at now. I work per diem for a small hospital. The pay is pretty phenomenal for the area. Im currently making double the hourly wage I was at a major hospital. You can expect to make 1.5 to 2 times the wage you make now, sans benefits. I'm paying off debt and working less hours. I didnt have to leave my house.
  10. BearishBob

    Why is it the highest paid among us...

    This very thing would happen to me all the time. I don't mind loaning out my stet every once in a while, but it becomes very trying if you become a repeat offender. I liken it to borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor. Do it once, you might together have a good laugh over it. Do it everyday for six months and see what happens. When I worked at a rural hospital, we had an oncology doc who always borrowed my stet. This went on for six months until I finally told him no, and offered him an isolation stet. His reaction was beyond catastrophic. It was like telling a two year old 'no'. In the end, I recieved a written warning. My solution has been to never bring any of my own supplies to work. When I come on shift I get a new iso stet, a pair of clamps, and dressing shears from the supply closet. If a doc asks to borrow any of these, I just tell them to keep it, and I go get another one. Docs happy. Im happy. Everybody happy. Well, except for the supplies budget.
  11. BearishBob

    Canceled contract

    Congrats on winning your case Ned. Im just curious how long it took to get a settlement? Did the hospital try and retaliate? Not arguing points, just curious how nasty agency hospitals can get and how to protect myself?
  12. BearishBob

    Canceled contract

    I'm sorry you got cancelled, it can be a real kick in the teeth when you're doing a good job under horrific conditions only to get let go. You deserve better. Realistically though, you probably got cancelled for reasons other than your nursing. The administration may have decided too late that you were too expensive to keep and was just looking for any reason to fire you. I think its a tribute to your nursing skill and documentation that they only thing they could get you on was a late entry set of vital signs. Thats not fair, but its the ugly side of travel nursing. So now, your only two choices are: Let it go and try to get immediate placement with your agency somewhere else or sue the hospital for the full contract amount. Your agency is not going to support you in your lawsuit. The agency's customer is the hospital, not you. Thats another ugly truth. Try and let go of the anger. Do a bit of research on who owns the hospital and vow to never work for them again at any facility. Tell other travelers your story and how the hospital did you wrong. Eventually these places get a bad rep and cant even find a traveler willing to go. Good luck to you.
  13. BearishBob

    Safe nurse to patient ratio

    Only California has state mandated nurse to patient ratios. Most state BON's only require 'safe' staffing levels, which is open to interpretation. If you havent taken the job and are curious, make a surprise visit to the floor during your shift and look for the staff board, most hospitals have one in the public area by the unit secretary showing what nurse has what room. You can get a pretty honest feel that way.
  14. Our management had plans to fire everybody in dietary and have the nurses make all the food in little kitchens on the unit. I told my NM, "I hope everybody likes hotpockets and juice". Thankfully this was never implemented. Having no seating for charting sounds crazy. I sit maybe 1 hour while Im charting if Im lucky, and my feet are grateful for it. Id probably quit if they took that away. Did they lose a lot of nursing staff?
  15. BearishBob

    A Problem Most People Want....

    If your first love is PICU, that's where I would start. You might not get to transfer there later, you may be stuck in CCU. It might be worth it to be in debt and be happy.
  16. BearishBob

    Cox Health RN's - Springfield, MO - feedback please!

    I worked there for two years. In short, it was awful. My patient load on a medsurg floor was 7 to 11. Constant weekly meetings meant I was at work at least 5 days per week. They start new RNs at 17.50 per hour, which I find extremely low. Employee parking is a 10-15 minute walk. Constant basic supply shortages. I would have to tell patients we were out of blankets, with no recourse to get more. Admissions come regardless of whether you have the staff to take care of the people. You could be on your 10th patient and they will give you another if there is a free bed and money to be made. I'm just bitter. Are you moving to the area? Its difficult to get a job here that pays a decent wage and doesn't try to kill you with the workload.

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