How Do I Transfer My Texas RN to Missouri RN??? Afterwards.. any luck with JOBS??? - page 2

Hey all, I am a recent graduate of a nursing school in Texas and moved to central Missouri after getting married. I had planned to work in Texas until life changed it's plans and now am a new graduate (May) and am in the wrong... Read More

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    Thanks yall! I finally found the attachment with the "to do" of practicing in MO and called to clarify some things. I appreciate yall's help and man I wish I lived further south!

    We are in central west missouri, im around warrensburg, lee's summit, and might consider some of Kansas city if I can't find anything.. and right now it's scarce.

    I really enjoyed working in the NICU for basically 3 months in nursing school. It just became my nitch and i was blessed with an instructor that allowed me to go there a lot for clinicals, but unfortunately it seems everything here that is a specialty you need to have "experience" of at least a year in that field, but as the saying goes.. you can't get it without a first job!!

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    Quote from BearishBob
    If you have already passed the NCLEX and have an compact RN License in Texas, then you can practice in Missouri already
    Not if the individual has moved from TX to MO (as the OP notes s/he has done), unless the person is also maintaining a permanent home in TX.

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