Waiting to hear from Inver Hills on acceptance

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    Lord I HATE this wait. I have the credits and the gpa but only a month of CNA expirience so....I'm doubtful but hopeful. Who else is waiting on Inver? Is it March yet?????
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    Well, I am not at Inver Hills, but I am at their sister school, Century. I am waiting to see if I get in. I have the experience...but its a couple years old. I have decent grades...but am worried if my gpa is good enough....I hate the wait!!
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    Do you know if they consider folks that don't have all the sciences? I'm still missing physio and micro but have a good gpa and work experience. Think I have a shot? I know, the waiting is killing me!!!
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    Oh, and I applied to Century, not Inver Hills-- don't know if they have the same acceptance policies
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    I believe their #1 decision criteria is how much direct patient care you have.

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    Well it kind of depends.... you get extra points on your application if you have A's or B's in those classes. Last year I applied and I only had biology 1020, chemistry and medical dosages, terminology, and psych done. I had a gpa of 3.57 and I was given a wait list number of 85. Considering they usually place 65 of the people on the wait list, I didn't think that was so bad. Now that I have A & P I, II and micro done I will have 3 more points on my application. I do have over 480hrs of experience, however it is a couple years old. When I met with an advisory, they said as long as it was within 5 years it counted.

    So, I think it could be possible that you get in. If you have over a 3.5 gpa that helps. I know someone who had the same classes as me done, however he had a 4.0 gpa and he got into spring session. I wouldn't count on getting into the fall session. Hope this helps! Good luck
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    i heard you have to have 400 hours of patient care at inver hills. im workin towards the same thing. good luck! hope you get in!
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    2004-05, I completed all my generals at Inver Hills CC..applied 2 yrs straight, 3.8 gpa, and the last class I took was Nursing Assist, because where I was working I was making more money and didnt want to take the pay cut.. well needless to say, I didnt get into the program..so I I decided to LPN bridge RN, no more waiting around...It hurt me..but it may be different now..I will keep my fingers crossed for ya!
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    Thanks everyone! Yeah, I'm nervous about the lack of CNA work time but...hey, I can't take the pay cut either! Still waiting. They said end of Marchish but here it is...and still no letter. I won't hold my breath this week because it is Spring Break but hopefully I will know soon!!!!!!!!
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    Did you get your letters yet? I got into Century's RN program, and I start this fall. I hope things went well for you!

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