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  1. kirchnerfamily

    how much do you make?

    12.50 an hour brand new in Twin Cities MN at LTC facility
  2. kirchnerfamily

    National American University???

    Private college is expensive! I attened the NAU nursing orientation and they very clearly go over all of the costs and requirements. Honestly, after 2 years at Inver and dealing with what HAS to be the worst admin staff in nearly every department (not the teachers), I find NAU to be very organized! They opened with only 24 spots, however, they only had 16 qualified people apply so they aren't even running at full capacity. They expect 70 applicants this fall for those 24 spots this year. The school is very nice inside...they put alot of money into it and you can tell!
  3. kirchnerfamily

    Any one waiting to Hear from Inver Hills?

    So....did you get in? Inver letters are out...
  4. kirchnerfamily

    Anyone heard from schools yet?

    I heard from Inver. I'm #51...they are taking 50 for spring...so as long as 1 person drops out between the 60 Fall and 50 Spring people, I'm in!
  5. kirchnerfamily

    Need Help! Testing out of CNA Course in MN?

    That is what I said. And Pearson vue is correct!!! I took it at inver and I was on the registry within a week after taking the test. I have the exact same license as other CNAs.
  6. kirchnerfamily

    Waiting to hear from Inver Hills on acceptance

    Still haven't heard either way When did you find out? The program has the same application so I'm assuming I must find out soon!
  7. kirchnerfamily

    What would this finding indicate?

    Skeletal remains from 1800's with a small scapular spine on left side but a very large scapular spine on the right side. Would this indicate that according to Wolffs Law this individual used his/her right arm for much heavier loads?
  8. kirchnerfamily

    Not sure if I should get all pre-reqs done first??? Advice?

    I never assumed they did. However, that being obvious (not all schools alike), your GPA from high school or ACT test score really means diddly squat if you are going back to school 10 or 20 years after you graduated from High school. So, that being said, as previous posters mentioned, nursing school is tough and getting your pre-reqs done first does make more sense from a less stress, better grades (because of a smaller workload each semester) standpoint. And it gives you a good base of education to start on for nursing school too. Pretty sure they don't waste alot of time your first semester of nursing covering stuff like anatomy or chemistry that you SHOULD know from pre-reqs. They assume you know it and go from there.
  9. kirchnerfamily

    Not sure if I should get all pre-reqs done first??? Advice?

    You can't GET into the program here unless you HAVE completed all your nursing pre-req's. It's just too competative. They want you to show that you can go for a year or two and get excellent grades and complete classes. No point even applying unless you have all your ducks in a row (or are an EMT or LPN). I'm ok with that too because I'm overwhelmed by some of my classes and I can't imagine having to do nursing classes at the same time. It's nice to take 10 credits and do really well.
  10. Lord I HATE this wait. I have the credits and the gpa but only a month of CNA expirience so....I'm doubtful but hopeful. Who else is waiting on Inver? Is it March yet?????