Hospitals in MN (Minneap/Rochester)

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    I'm just wanting to know if anyone can tell me some of the local hospitals that are near Rochester and Minneapolis. My family will be moving there in the next year (at the most, maybe sooner) and I will need to begin looking for a job. We are so excited to move as my family is in Iowa and it will be so nice to be within driving distance too.

    How is traffic in Minneap area? Can you live in suburb and still drive in? (*Think--I live in Seattle and deal with traffic here---just don't know how bad it is there).

    Pay: I saw the new grad rates listed on Mayo Clinic website and they seem great for the cost of living. Are the other hospitals comparable? (28 ADN new grad and 29 BSN new grad--is what they posted). (*Please do NOT reference me to some area salary wizard--if you do not know or are not willing to share then fine).

    Anything else you'd love to share about MN or MN and nursing would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   lpnflorida
    Driving around the Twin Cities area is not impossible. First I would recommend get yourself a gps for your car it will save you lots of time from getting lost in the wrong areas of town. Spagetti junction is by far the worst area on the freeway, but it becomes more manageable once you get use to which lane to be in. As to hospitals. Fairview, University Hosp. are the two which come to my mind in the cities. Mayo in Rochester of course is well thought of. I do not know what salaries are. I moved from the north 10 years ago. Good luck in your move and job hunt. Last I heard jobs are tight at this time in Minnesota.
  4. by   IndependentMN
    I worked for Mayo in Rochester and am at Fairview now. Mayo started their RNs out at about 26/hr and Fairview is around the same, Mayo only hires BSN nurses now though from what I'm told by former coworkers. There is also Olmsted hospital in Rochester and Fairview in Cannon Falls (which is in between the two). Traffic is not awful, I live in Burnsville and work in Minneapolis 4 days in a month and it takes about 45 minutes for a 25 minute ride during rush hour (6-9am and 4-7pm). If you are looking into south suburbs of the cities there is Fairview Ridges in Burnsville so you would avoid the traffic if you lived in Lakeville, Apple Valley...etc. There is Allina, University of MN, Fairview has multiple branches so they are really all over the place.
  5. by   HM2VikingRN
    The VA starts new grads at around 29/hour. Very commutable from the south suburbs.
  6. by   AprilRNurse
    I was just told ALlina is also giving preference to BSN now.
  7. by   SilvyFillyRN
    I work at Mayo as a PCA right now but am moving to Duluth to be w/ my bf and work at SMDC up there. Mayo's starting is $28.88 they SAY they give preference to BSN's but I honestly have been confused by their hiring practice this summer(hiring ADN students with no type of nursing experience) it's actually given more to how you interview i think than anything else. Mayo uses a lot of behavioral interview questions. Any ADN hired after Sept 1, 2010 has to sign a contract stating they will get their BSN in 6 years. Which...isen't a bad deal since Mayo has tuition reimb, granted though it's not what it used to be. OMC is not hiring right now. I do not not much about whats in the cities.
  8. by   hopebewild
    These are the websites for the main hospitals in the twin cities.
    These are not all of the hospitals in some of the farther out suburbs but this covers minneapolis and saint paul for sure.
    I have been offered two positions. one in rochester with base pay of 29.75
    and one through fairview at 29.25. The night shift differential at fairview is better by a couple of bucks though.
    But.... if you have kids mayo has free sick child care and (not free) back up childcare
  9. by   Gato308
    Thanks for the interesting information. Do any of you know whether hospitals like entry level MSN degrees in nursing compared with say a BSN?