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  1. Hospitals in MN (Minneap/Rochester)

    Thanks for the interesting information. Do any of you know whether hospitals like entry level MSN degrees in nursing compared with say a BSN? thanks!
  2. Nurse's opinion of recent RN grads?

    Thank you for the feedback and insight to your situation. Do you feel the Metro ELMSN program prepared you enough to begin working at the end of the program? I'll send you a friend link to try and get in touch. Thanks again for your thoughts!!
  3. Hello there, I'm curious what current nurses (or individuals hiring new nurses) think of the recent nursing graduates in the area of Minnesota. Is there a preference for students from certain universities? Are RN nurses with bachelor degrees favored...
  4. UND accelerated BSN

    I'm also curious!
  5. Hello! I'm looking for feedback regarding UND's Nursing Program. Specifically the second bachelors in nursing program.(BAC-2 accelerated) Looking for strengths/weaknesses of the program, professors, facilities, cost, reputation. I am looking for op...
  6. Hello! I'm looking for feedback regarding Metropolitan State University's Nursing program in the Twin Cities. Specifically the MSN, Entry level masters in nursing program. Looking for positive/negatives of the program, professors, facilities, reputa...