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I'm looking for feedback regarding UND's Nursing Program. Specifically the second bachelors in nursing program.(BAC-2 accelerated)

Looking for strengths/weaknesses of the program, professors, facilities, cost, reputation. I am looking for opinions from recent graduates or current students in the program. Perhaps some feedback on what employers opinions are of UND nursing grads would also be good to hear.

Thank you!!!! Much appreciated!

Specializes in Psych.

FYI for anyone reading this post- RE: University of North Dakota (UND) PMHNP program -It has had significant changes and is having some challenges. There's only 1 primary professor for most of the psych NP classes who is also the director - with no accountability. Also, they do not provide everyone with clinicals as they advertise. Hopefully, the program will improve, but at the moment, they are not the first program I would recommend. Very poor communication, no support for students and you need the mentality that you will be teaching yourself.

Also, we just learned that the rates for the University of North Dakota - UND are skyrocketing to $827 from ~$480/ credit. >800 is comparable to other schools, but not when clinicals are not easily provided (instead they are currently patchworked together and you need to find your own if you are in another state). In the state of MN, many universities have priority with local hospitals/ facilities/ organizations -so, UND has great difficulty competing with clinical placements. So, you may need to find your own clinical preceptors and clinical sites. 

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