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I'm looking for feedback regarding Metropolitan State University's Nursing program in the Twin Cities. Specifically the MSN, Entry level masters in nursing program.

Looking for positive/negatives of the program, professors, facilities, reputation. I understand that the program may be changing but I am looking for opinions from recent graduates or current students in the program. Perhaps some feedback on what employers opinions are of Metropolitan State nursing grads would also be good to hear.

Thank you!!!! Much appreciated!


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I am a graduate of the first class of the ELMSN program at Metropolitan State University. The questions you asked are someone difficult to answer in a "public" forum and do not have privileges to email you from yet.

I am not sure the employers opinions either. I took the NCLEX September 21, 2010 and have applied to over 100 positions without one call back. It appears that the key is to be working somewhere while going to school, hence having your foot in the door. There was no way I could work during this program and fully apply myself, so I am pretty much out in the cold as is several of my other classmates. Minnesota is not the place for a new grad. to be looking for a job.

During clinical rotations I found that many nurses to include managers had no idea what the ELMSN program was which was a bit surprising. But I suspect that with our group finished and more on the way, it will become more common knowledge among the nursing profession.

If you can find a way to email me, perhaps you have those privileges, I can give you a more information about the program and answer specific questions.

Jessica Drenning

P.S.: I love mwebbs reply. Thanks Marjorie for "tooting our horn."


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Hi Jessica--

I am also looking into the Metro State ELMSN program and would like to hear more of what you have to say about it! Could you send me an email? [email protected] Much appreciated!


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Hey all-

I just started the program 2 weeks ago. I know some things have changed for my cohort from the first

two, so if you ever want to know anything, feel free to contact me. [email protected]



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Hey all,

I'm looking at applying to the Entry Level Master of Nursing program as well. I am just wondering if anyone can comment on the admission process (how competitive is it, gpa's that were accepted, etc.). I am finishing my b.s. in biology at MSU-Mankato and looking for programs. I also applied to creighton university so we'll see what I hear back!


TSeliot, MSN

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Can anyone provide some recent info about Metropolitan State University's (St Paul) Entry Level MSN program? I've just started my pre-reqs and plan to attend an info session this summer. It would be great to hear some personal perspectives, especially from recent grads. I'm considering Metro State and St. Kate's, neither of which require the GRE. I'm guessing Metro State is far more affordable, but I'd love to hear about the quality of the training as well as any cons.


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