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Hi everyone, Does anyone know the minimum hours you have to work in order to still qualify for benefits? Thanks in advance for any feedback!... Read More

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    You can always E-Mail the Allina website for tuition reimbursment information or call the facilility and ask to speak to the Nursing supervisor or HR and ask what Allina can offfer you!!

    You know what you can offer Allina!

    Just a thought. I loved working for them and the clinicI worked in also offered discount prices for all sorts of things. I used the discount when I went to the Mayo Clinic and received a student rate on a hotel room. Hotel was across the street from the Mayo Clinic. Unbelievable!

    Good Luck!
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    Employees greater than or equal to 0.50 FTE are eligible for a maximum benefit of $2,000 for undergraduate and graduate programs.
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    FreezebabyRN - just curious what ever happened with the Allina interview. Did you get a job?
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    Actually I had two interviews, but I called and let them know I would not be taking it. We decided to move, and I really do not feel like commuting into the cities. I'll stay where I am at until this fall when we move. So, I have no clue if I would have got the job or not!