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  1. Toots71506

    Normandale nutrition course

    Hi - has anyone taken the nutrition course online at normandale or heard anything about it? I'm thinking about taking it but a little nervous about it being online since I've never taken online courses before! Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  2. Toots71506

    St Kate's Post Bac Admissions

    Hi everyone - Does anyone know what it means at St. Kate's to be put on an alternate list? I understand that I didn't get a for sure spot for 2009 or 2010 but I have more questions around it all... I am put on the list for 2010 so if no one gives up their spot, what happens to those on the list? Do we have to reapply for 2011 or do we automatically get a spot in 2011? How many are one these "alternate" lists? Also, does anyone know why they filled the 2010 spots too? If anyone has any information about this I'd be greatly appreciated!
  3. Toots71506

    St Kate's Post Bac Admissions

    Hi - thanks for the msg! I will sit tight but I'm very anxious and a wee bit stressed about it! Did you apply last year? Also, to answer your previous post, it's my understanding that a previous degree along with this certificate does qualify as an equivalent to a BSN so I would think you can get a masters after this. I think I asked the counselor about this.
  4. Hi - I was looking at their site and noticed that the RN positions are non-union for the Melrose Institute positions but the Park Nicollet hospital RN's are union. Does anyone know why this would be?
  5. Toots71506

    Curious about Baylor Plan...

    I was just reading about the Baylor Plan and am curious if any hospitals in the Twin Cities offer this option. Does anyone know? Sounds interesting but I think it would take away from a lot of family time...
  6. Thank you so much for all your feedback! I agree with all of you!!!
  7. I'm very confused - I have a degree, am not a nurse but want to be and I'm currently researching schools and programs. The school I'm considering has a BSN program offered for the next year and then they're switching it to an MSN program. Both programs require students to have a previous degree. I just don't understand why I should get an MSN when I don't have any experience in nursing and don't want to work in management or teaching positions when I graduate. How could I even do that? I won't have a clue what truly being a nurse is like if I just got out of college and have no work experience. Why are schools doing this? Please offer your thoughts and advice! Thanks everyone!
  8. Toots71506

    Allina System question

    For the allina system, does anyone know what tuition reimbursement really means? Does this mean if I work for them for 16 hours/week while going to school I get all my loans paid for the year or does it mean I only get $2500 or $5000 per year? This could mean not getting all loans paid for depending on the type of school (private vs. CC)!
  9. Hi - I'm not sure what to do on this one. I'm thinking of getting my CNA but I've heard it's a lot of butt wiping and horrible work. I'm going to start volunteering and job shadowing and I'm wondering if this will give me good experience/exposure to nursing so I can bypass being a CNA? In your experience, do most new nurses have previous health care experience? Thanks for all your feedback!!!
  10. Toots71506

    Question for career changers

    Hi everyone - I'm considering going back to school for nursing and I have a question for all of you who already had a previous degree and went back to school for nursing or are in the process. (I'm a little concerned to have homework again and tests to study for since it's been 10 years since I've had to do that.) If you knew that nursing was for you, did you find nursing school interesting and kind of fun? If someone told me I had to go back to school for what I'm in right now I'd pass out from boredom but now that I know that I want to be a nurse I'm actually looking forward to school. I've heard it's soooooooooooooooo difficult and I'm just wondering if you career changers thought it was worth it and not so bad during the process???
  11. Toots71506

    St. Kate's Post-Bacc Program

    Hi Maxxineo - One quick question for you. You mentioned that there was a lot of work outside of class and I'm wondering what kind of work that was...is it papers, memorizing medicines, preparing for speeches, etc. Or, a little of everything?
  12. Hi all - Can anyone answer the following questions for Allina hospitals (Mercy and Unity in particular) and North Memorial? 1 - Do these hospitals hire new RN's in L&D positions? And if they do, will they hire a new RN for a part time position (24 hrs.)? 2 - Do these hopsitals have just mother and baby RN positions so you don't have to do delivery? 3 - What is the minimum hrs. an RN has to work in order to still qualify for benefits? Thanks in advance for any responses... :)
  13. Toots71506

    St. Kate's Post-Bacc Program

    I won't be applying this year. My plan is to take all the pre-reqs at my local CC and then transfer the credits. This should save money and then I can do the classes at my own pace over time. I looked at the essay and application but I haven't done anything with it. I'm thinking of possible essay topics and writing one makes me kind of nervous! :)
  14. Toots71506

    St. Kate's Post-Bacc Program

    Hi Bennie - Did you complete your pre-reqs already or are you doing that at St. Kate's? I'm curious as well to hear a response about the amount of time required outside of class. From what it sounded like at the info session, there are many women in your position and they manage and so will you. Good luck in getting accepted. When will you find out?
  15. Toots71506

    St. Kate's Post-Bacc Program

    I'm still deciding between this school and another one that offers the courses during the day so I haven't applied. I'm leaning toward St. Kate's because I like the fact that the dates and times of class are the same almost every week. I have a small child and soon another on the way so I need consistency for our sake. I did attend an info session and it seems that most all students work almost full time and have a family so that tells me that the program doesn't take over your life like I've heard others do...that is the reason I'm interested in the evening/weekend format. Have you applied?
  16. Toots71506

    BSN or MSN

    I thought it was a little odd myself to offer a MSN to a non-nurse. Since time and money isn't stopping me from doing either I was just wondering what the benefit of getting an MSN would be over a BSN since I don't have any experience anyways. I'm leaning toward the BSN because of the program options offered...