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Books for CCRN exam

  1. 1 Hello,

    Are there any standout review books for the CCRN exam? I read the Laura Gasparis video series is good.

    Thank you in advance,
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    Pass CCRN! helped for me!
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    Hi BluntForceTrauma,
    Was the Pass CCRN the only review you used? I just got the test bank and was wondering if I should get the Laura G DVDs.
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    Yep..I browsed through the Kaplan CCRN book a little. The questions were harder in the books that on the exam!
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    I recently just passed the CCRN in March. The only thing I used was the PassCCRN book. I really just used the disc with test questions and used the book when I didn't understand something. The book is great but very hard to read consistently due to the amount of info.
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    Thank you.

    I have been using that. Hopefully I feel ready to take it by next month.
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    I am preparing to take the CCRN in October. I have the Pass CCRN book and I have been alternating between the book and the online companion questions. I am studying for it system by system. I am spending a lot of time on cardiac because it is the largest section on the exam and also my weakest subject. I am enjoying the learning process and I hope to be ready in two months.
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    I just got the Laura Gasparis DVDs. I'll let you know how helpful it is.
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    Quote from iceyv3
    I just got the Laura Gasparis DVDs. I'll let you know how helpful it is.
    LOVE Larua Gasparis!
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    Hi there....just a friendly word from staff. We do not allow soliciting of any kind. To this end several posts have been deleted.
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    I "passed" the CCRN using only the review CD from the 3rd edition of Pass CCRN as well as my own notes taken from watching (and rewatching several times) the Gasparis DVDs. I studied hard-core (2-3 hours/day for a month) and passed with 100/125, with > 90% on both Cards and Pulm. sections. The questions on Pass CCRN were more challenging than the actual questions, so I think that they were great preparation for the real thing, and Gasparis is a wonderful teacher.
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    So, I've watched the Endocrine DVD and I'm now watching the Neuro. I have never laughed so hard while watching a study material. Laura Gasparis is funny!!! I really though people were exaggerating but I stand corrected. Lol.

    "Brenda, there's a murder going on". Hahahaha

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