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banana bag

  1. 0 What is a banana bag?
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    A bag of IV fluids containing MVI (this is what makes the fluid yellow, hence the term "banana" bag)-we hang these on alcoholic pts coming into the ER and they usually also contain thiamine, folic acid, and sometimes Mag Sulfate.
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    what is MVI?
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    sorry, multi-vitamins.Severe alcoholics tend to drink more than they eat so a banana bag is an attempt to replenish nutritional deficiencies.
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    Also sometimes known as a Rally Pack,

    Usually contains:

    MultiVitamin the distinctive yellow color
    Thiamine 100mg
    Folic Acid 1mg

    Some facilities also add Mag Sulfate to the mix.

    All mixed in 1L normal saline.

    Used in cases of malnutrition, undernutrition, and alcoholics to plump them up and get some vitamins into them.

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    Yep! We hang enough banana bags where I work, too!
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    I have never heard it called that!!

    Sings "the Banana Bag" song

    or perhaps it is the effect of too much night duty.....
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    gwenith......I loved that song! I sang it all the way to the end. Made me feel like I was on an Island somewhere far away!
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    Perfect song for a night nurse who hangs banana bags.
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    never heard of the banana bag song!! haha, thanks yall.
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    banana bag= bag'o shame
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    Just hung one for the first time tonight. Loved the song. Follow up with the librium and lactulose lullabye.
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    LOL...we call em "Goody Bags"

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