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I'm starting to here about vented pts being ambulated with the RN, PT, and RT. Do any of you practive this at you hospital? There's videos on Youtube, which is pretty wild. The pt has a walker with the vent on a rolling table.... Read More

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    Quote from commonsense
    I think they only do that in specialized ICU departments located in Crazytown, USA.
    They also did open heart surgeries, PCI's, and even rode in something with an engine to move it instead of horses there in Crazytown, USA. I guess Crazytown became... the world.

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    The few patients that I have seen that have the strength to ambulate, usually are attempting to self extubate themselves. Saw a patient who would have probably been able to ambulate that was being ventilated convince a family member to give them a crucifix that was on the wall of the room, and while restrained extubate them self with the cross. "Holy Extubation." Anyways with all that said, in my experience I have seen very few patients who have the ability would be willing to walk as well as willing to resist extubating themselves. I do work in a neuro trauma unit so that does account for the main reasons I don't see many patients that would have this ability.
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    My own small hospital experience in ICU/CTICU (sub-250 bed facilities) also leaves me posing the question just how often one encounters a pt well enough to ambulate yet unable to extubate (assuming orally intubated pt's here and not trachs).
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    I've seen videos of this and its wild. We don't do it in my ICU (mixed ICU and CCU) but I've heard nothing but good things outcome wise as long as the pt can tolerate ambulation

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