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Is there anyone else on here who is waiting for a response from WCCCD's nursing department? I applied June 30, and am going slightly crazy waiting for my acceptance/denial e-mail! Let's get to know... Read More

  1. by   Kadambari
    What address do we mail the 10 panel drug screen to?
  2. by   principles
    It should be mailed to the Northwest campus. It should say attention ----------------. The schools' address is :8200 W Outer Drive, Detroit, MI 48219.i told them to mail a copy to me, can't risk any stories.
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  3. by   Kadambari
    Thank you principles. I don't know why they didn't include this address in our acceptance letter.
  4. by   Wen902
    So many people say you can't work while in the program but how do people survive financially? I plan on applying in June and the fact is I have to work. I have tried to figure out how to earn extra money but working full time and taking classes at night leaves no extra time.
  5. by   MrsClarkRN
    Take out loans do whatever you have to do to finish the first 7 1/2 weeks. You may be able to work after that. Not full time though. I work 3 days a week now
  6. by   Kadambari
    why is the semester only 7 1/2 weeks? we still graduate in 2 years so I don't understand why the semesters are so short
  7. by   Wen902
    Thanks ShanayJ. I think I can manage that first 7 1/2 weeks by only working a couple of days. I will have all the co-req's done, will the schedule still be that packed in the beginning?
  8. by   ARock&AHardplace
    I would like to work as a CNA as I work towards my RN degree, both for the experience and for the steady job (I am a father and a husband). Should I take the CNA program through WCCCD (which is 10 credit hours) along with one of my prereqs or co-reqs?

    Also which classes (pre req's and co req's) are the real tough ones, I know everyone is different but is there a general consensus on which classes to watch out for? I plan on taking ALL the pre reqs AND Co reqs before applying so I am trying to figure out a balanced schedule.
  9. by   Wen902
    Hi ARock&AHardplace! I plan on having all co-req's finished too. I am just taking A & P 1, it's hard but I am doing well. I am having a harder time in the lab I've taken Micro and did really well but it is a hard class. Nutrition isn't hard but there is tons of homework.

    I've heard people say not to take the WCCCD CNA program just because of the cost and time vs going to the Red Cross. I'm not sure how true that is though. Good luck to you.
  10. by   ARock&AHardplace
    Wen902, thanks for your input, if you dont mind me asking what has been your course load semester to semester? Are you going part time or full? Are you currently working? and How long will/did it take you to finish all the co/pre reqs sorry if I seem nosey.

    I was also looking at taking alot of the co/pre reqs online if they offer them. Im currently out in Cali waiting to seperate from the USAF so im trying to have everything planned out when I get home.

    I was told about a few jobs at hospitals that dont require any certs (i.e. orderlies) but cant seem to find those jobs posted. I just figure that if im gonna work I might as well do somthing to get my foot in the door.
  11. by   Wen902
    No problem! I work full time during the day so I can only go nights and weekends. I had to start out last fall with Bio 155 and basic math because I graduated from high school a while ago. The most I've taken is 3 classes/semester (micro, pre-algebra and Eng.) which doesn't sound like a lot but with work it kept me busy. I went during the summer too instead of taking it off. I'm taking a & P 1 and nutrition this semester and trying to get a student loan so I can take a & p 2 and two co-req's next semester. If I can do that I will apply in June and finish off the co-req's next fall before the nursing program starts in January. I am hoping my boss lets me keep my current job even though I will only be able to work 2 or 3 days a week and then I need to find something for the weekends. I have no option but to work, I own a home and I'm single. I am hoping to find a way to save up enough money to get me through those first 7 1/2 weeks with working only a couple days a week. I haven't been to the meeting yet but somebody in my class went and she was told they are trying to have more nights and weekends in the nursing program because they know people have to work.

    I talked to a lady that works at the campus and she said to study critical thinking before I get into the program.
  12. by   ARock&AHardplace
    Yea I defineatly need a paycheck throughout my duration of school. But I plan to hold a job as long as possible, and if/when the time comes that I need to stop working than unemployment definately becomes an option to keep our heads above water.
    As much as I hate taking handouts, Financial Aid and Unemployment are ways that will enable me to become a productive member of society and do what I truly want to do in life.

    Im hopefully going to take no more than 3 classes a semester. My goal is to land a midnight CNA job if possible somewhere (in the hopes that I will have more slow time than not to study). We will see.

    As far as the CNA training goes, I was reading of this one place that is a decent price and everyone loves it, but I cant for the life of me find the post I was on, it was cheaper than the red cross and like I said everyone loved it.

    And as far as studying critical thinking im wondering as to how it will help. Let me know if you end up taking it!
  13. by   MrsClarkRN
    Quote from Wen902
    Thanks ShanayJ. I think I can manage that first 7 1/2 weeks by only working a couple of days. I will have all the co-req's done, will the schedule still be that packed in the beginning?
    YES...I completed all of my co reqs and it was still difficult

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