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I am thinking about going to Mercy's accelerated second degree program but I hear they lose many people during the year due to grades. Is that true? Is it too fast and should I consider a 2 year... Read More

  1. by   kp123
    I submitted mine in the Fall. I called last week and they still hadn't made any decisions so hopefully we'll hear back soon!
  2. by   dreamchaser02
    I received my acceptance for the May 2012 program on Feb. 1, 2012... did anyone else get accepted?
  3. by   dreamchaser02
    I submitted my application in the fall as well, I just got accepted 5 days ago into the May 2012 entry.
  4. by   rcullit1
    did you have all pre-reqs math and engl. done as well?
  5. by   Bigdude
    if you have specific questions regarding udm, pm me.
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  6. by   313RN
    Big dude-As a graduate of the SDO program as well I'd like to disagree with some of what you said.

    First, I disagree with your assessment of the faculty. The academic faculty is largely made up of instructors who either have a doctorate or are pursuing it. In fact I can only think of two members of the faculty who are not pursuing their doctorates.

    Clinical faculty in any program is unlikely to hold a terminal degree.

    As far as NCLEX pass rates I can tell you some classes are stronger than others and the program has been changed to increase their pass rate. That being said, my classes pass rate was over 95 percent.

    There is some organizational weakness but it seems to be improving. From what I've read on AN, disorganization seems to be a hallmark of many ABSN programs.

    Lastly, if the program is not to your liking you have the option of withdrawing at any time. If you're currently in the January cohort you still have most of the year ahead of you and can apply for fall admission to one of the other schools you mentioned.

    If you're in the May cohort you should be starting your preceptorship shortly. I hope you're more professional when you're at work than what I'm seeing here.

    Lastly, I'd bet that most of your class will pass NCLEX handily. I've found that most of the students who complete the program do.

    Best of luck to you.
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  7. by   ccarts24
    Hello I know many of you have questions about this program. As did I before starting. If you would like to email me for further information...feel free

    Good luck
  8. by   dreamchaser02
    No I did not have all my pre-reqs done but I still got accepted. Detroit Mercy mainly cares about your degree being posted, once they receive your first degree, they allow you to finish up your last 4 pre-reqs (I'm not sure if you can have more than 4). I start the program May 7, 2012, and right now I'm taking the math class, health ethics, and the chemistry class (Winter 2012). I still got accepted without having those classes done because I had my degree completed, as well as the other pre-reqs. I graduated with my psychology degree on December 10, 2011, I got accepted Feb. 1, 2012.
  9. by   Creativetype
    I got accepted to for May 2012 but I am choosing to wait to go to OU's 2013 accelerated program which also accepted me, just found out. Even though it's 6 or 7 months more to wait, I'd rather save 30 k at least. I just can't seem to justify paying 55 k or so when I know how hard it is to pay it back after paying rent, car, living expenses. But I wish everyone luck and don't slack on studying, I hear it's brutal but do-able!
  10. by   ssmom
    Question, if I have already completed pathophysiology and pharmacology, will I have to repeat it in the 1st semester?
  11. by   ccarts24
    Yes, you have to re-take these courses at the University! I would highly recommend saving your notes from your previous classes. I would say pretty much half of our class already took these courses before starting the program..bummer
  12. by   ssmom
    Bummer. What a waste of time and money...thanks for the response.
  13. by   marie18
    I have just applied for the January 2013 term but still have to take a Nutrition course. I'm worried, my grades are good but I'm no 4.0 student. I've heard this program is really competitive and most people have A's in all prerequisit coursework.. What was the grade-range for most of the people who got into the May 2012 program?