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313RN is a BSN, RN and specializes in Neuro ICU.

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  1. 313RN

    Hyperbaric Monitors

    What kind of monitors are you using in your hyperbaric chamber? I'm a critical care nurse and work part time and on-call in a hospital based multiplace chamber hyperbaric program. I frequently dive with ICU patients who are obviously monitored. Latel...
  2. 313RN

    How old are you?

    Became an RN at 40, now 45. Round is the shape I'm in and I'm largely being held together by NSAIDs and neoprene. But my labs look like I'm a 20 year old marathoner. I should be good for another 30 years.
  3. 313RN

    Specialty Poll for male nurses

    Neuro ICU ~2 years, SWAT & Rapid Response 3 years. Wound care and hyperbaric critical care 4 years with board certification in hyperbaric nursing.
  4. 313RN

    That nagging feeling...

    "There isn't enough to call rapid response" I'm a Rapid Response nurse in an urban trauma hospital. From my perspective there's never a bad reason to call me. If you get a feeling, let me know and I'll come see your patient. If you're right hopefull...
  5. 313RN

    ICU Charge Nurse with Patient Assignment

    I'm in an urban trauma hospital with 48 ICU beds out of about 200 total. Where I am senior staff (on the unit 1 year) takes turns as charge. Usually one day per week per nurse. Some units charge makes the assignment, some units RNs select their ass...
  6. 313RN

    First Dive

    Depending where you work the pace might not be as slow as you hope. I'm an ICU nurse who works in a clinic with a multiplace chamber. I dive all the critical emergent patients plus work in the attached wound care clinic. Techs do most of the diving...
  7. 313RN

    Why did you choose nursing?

    I went in to nursing for the glamor. No, honestly it was for job security. I spent 15 years in sales and was tired of the stress and the constant stress of having my performance measured to two decimal points. Having a quota is stressful. The pointl...
  8. 313RN

    How to welcome a new staff member to the ED

    Do you see babies? Mom/dad have to be in on it... Parent calls your orientee and says something is bothering the baby. He starts his assessment, you come in behind with a loaded diaper. Ask 1: does this look like blood? 2: does this smell like bl...
  9. 313RN

    Hospital Unit Secretaries

    We're cutting unit clerks (secretaries) left and right. They now cover multiple units each day, as many as 60 beds each. On nights there might only be 2 in the building (we're an urban trauma hospital). It has caused many problems and put a greater...
  10. 313RN

    "Seasoned Nurses will eat their young"

    When I was teaching I told my students that at my hospital we didn't eat the young. We ate the weak. There's a fair amount of truth to that.
  11. 313RN

    Guys, what do you like best about being a nurse?

    2nd career here too. I spent 15 years in business before I left looking for more job security. I found it and now I love critical care. I like the challenge of figuring out what's going on with a patient and having the autonomy to order tests and a...
  12. 313RN

    NG tube in an intubated patient

    That's not silly at all. We don't know the particulars of the arrest, but gastric contents sometimes to end up being aspirated. It's possible that it was the cause of the arrest or that the pt vomited during an intubation attempt (either in the hosp...
  13. 313RN

    What is your dream nursing career

    My dream is to work in a hospital that only admits Supermodels and Olympic athletes. Can someone please tell me where I can apply. Any floor. Any shift.
  14. 313RN

    ICU yuck

    Hats off to the peds nurses out there. I work in a neuro ICU in a trauma center and in another highly specialized unit and all the things that go with don't bother me in the least. But not long ago I had to treat a sick kid who was about a month s...
  15. I'm going to add one thing to a growing list of important traits: Intestinal fortitude and the inner strength to do what needs to be done (like advocating for your patient or yourself). We don't eat the young where I work, but we do eat the weak.