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313RN is a BSN, RN and specializes in Neuro ICU.

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  1. 313RN

    Why did you choose nursing?

    I went in to nursing for the glamor. No, honestly it was for job security. I spent 15 years in sales and was tired of the stress and the constant stress of having my performance measured to two decimal points. Having a quota is stressful. The pointl...
  2. 313RN

    NG tube in an intubated patient

    That's not silly at all. We don't know the particulars of the arrest, but gastric contents sometimes to end up being aspirated. It's possible that it was the cause of the arrest or that the pt vomited during an intubation attempt (either in the hosp...
  3. 313RN

    ICU yuck

    Hats off to the peds nurses out there. I work in a neuro ICU in a trauma center and in another highly specialized unit and all the things that go with don't bother me in the least. But not long ago I had to treat a sick kid who was about a month s...
  4. I'm going to add one thing to a growing list of important traits: Intestinal fortitude and the inner strength to do what needs to be done (like advocating for your patient or yourself). We don't eat the young where I work, but we do eat the weak.
  5. Slash and dash
  6. 313RN

    How many Hours per Week do you work

    It depends on what's going on. I have 4 jobs, 1 f/t, 1 contingent, 1 as Adjunct faculty and another job in education. Short week: 40 hrs Medium week: 52 hours Long week: 64 hours Longest week: 82 hours, I think. I'm also on call with the f/t job 24/7...
  7. 313RN

    Love or hate your IV pumps?

    I don't know if they beep any more than any other pumps I've used (Alaris and Baxter). I think there was more beeping early in the adoption of the pumps. Overall I think they perform well. We use multiple drug libraries (critical care, acute care, L&...
  8. 313RN

    Love or hate your IV pumps?

    We use the Hospira Plum A pumps. They're ok for simple stuff and are easy to use, but they only come in either a single pump (with 2 channels) or in a triple pump (with 6 channels). The triples are huge and have to have a dedicated IV pole with a "Li...
  9. 313RN

    RN pay for contingent RN's at DMC.

    Pay for a Staff Nurse who is contingent is about the same as a f/t RN. The difference is no benefits. Shift premium is about 7% for afternoons and about 10% for midnights. I've never heard of "system flex" and $48 an hour sounds like a fantasy. Yo...
  10. 313RN

    university of detroit mercy second degree program

    Big dude-As a graduate of the SDO program as well I'd like to disagree with some of what you said. First, I disagree with your assessment of the faculty. The academic faculty is largely made up of instructors who either have a doctorate or are pursui...
  11. 313RN

    Unna boot

    We call them Unna boots, too. We wrap from just above the toes to just below the knees. We also put a fan fold more or less centered on the tiba with each layer to provide a little relief when it dries. We never wrap toes. Santyl, silver impregnate...
  12. I seem to have, yes. When I went into school I was interested in Hyperbarics. Going through the program I enjoyed L&D a lot and considered Midwifery for a while. Coming out of school I was just looking for any job I could find and wound up in Ne...
  13. 313RN

    Wound care puzzle

    You could create a wick in the area that's tunneled with something like iodosorb or a thin slice of hydrofera blue or an acticoat flex 7. Pack the rest of the wound with the Aquacel Ag and cover with fluffs and a heavy drainage pack if you have it....
  14. 313RN

    What color scrubs do you wear?

    One hospital is Navy ofr RN, Maroon for PCAs, Black for RT. Another is Ciel for RNs, Maroon for Techs and a third is Navy for RN, Kelly green for Techs. Sometimes I think we should switch back to white for RNs'. I don't care for the color (and I wo...
  15. 313RN

    dressing change

    Wound care outside the OR is normally a clean rather than sterile procedure. As long as good aseptic technique was used it's fine.