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    New RN

    I graduated two years ago, and spent my first year on a cardiac rehabilitation and stroke floor. I had a mixture of some really nice coworkers, and some really nasty ones!! I really enjoyed the nights when I got to provide excellent care for my patients, and learn new things. I never worked a midnight shift before, so I found it very hard on my body after a few months. I found a day shift opening in an specialty outpatient department at my hospital, and transferred when I could no longer handle being on midnights. Sometimes I miss being on the floor, but I enjoy having my evenings and weekends to myself again.
  2. EGDnurse

    still too slow and lost!!!!!

    Hi, I am a very new nurse (2 years) and there are still things that I am not always sure how to do, or need help with. When I was very overwhelmed and very new, I would try to make a goal of learning 2 or 3 things each day. Then I would practice them the next day with another new nurse, or co-worker that I felt comfortable with. When my orientation period was finished, I found several nurses that I felt very comfortable with on my floor, and would offer my help turning and lifting their patients if they would help me with something that I didn't know how to do. One of my friends from nursing school went right into the ED at my hospital, and she said it is completely different than floor nursing was. The nurses can sometimes be a little bit more harsh on the newer nurses because of the type of situations that are dealt with in the ED versus the floor. Try to keep your chin up, and know that you are going to get to where you need to be, just like your co-workers did when they were new nurses.