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  1. creativetype2007

    University of minnesota mn, not np

    I didn't find many posts specifically for the Univ. of Minnesota's Master's of Nursing program. This is an accelerated program for RN not NP, a second degree. Any feedback would be appreciated about the school and if you recommend the program. Thank you in advance.
  2. creativetype2007

    cardiac profusionists

    Although I am 99.9% sure I will be in nursing school next year, in keeping my options open and also because I am a bit old and need to save every bit of money, I was wondering if any RN's have worked with Cardiac Profusinsts and their thoughts on the growing field? I here they are also very in depand. I hope I am not offending anyone for asking about this field. Just looking for my best option to work in health care and be happy. And yes, I know it's a personal choice in patient care and what I love most. : ) Thank you in advance.
  3. creativetype2007

    university of detroit mercy second degree program

    Please share your experience so far as you stared in May I believe? Did you lose any students who didn't cut it? I heard one cohort class lost like 10 students just in the 2 week assessment but I never know what to really believe. Any info would be apprciated about the actual program.
  4. creativetype2007

    university of detroit mercy second degree program

    Next spot meaning, the following term.
  5. creativetype2007

    university of detroit mercy second degree program

    I think they just offer you the next spot, you don't have to reapply.
  6. creativetype2007

    university of detroit mercy second degree program

    I'm guessing SDO is what they are calling U of D Nursing? Did you lose any students the first semster from your class who couldn't cut it? thanks.
  7. creativetype2007

    university of detroit mercy second degree program

    msuliz2010 you should be able to get kristen on the phone. that is her job as i have talked to her before myself. call again and tell her you want a return call. if she doesn't, go above her head. you should be able to talk to someone there. i am sure she is busy but her job is to return calls. and to the other person asking about the wedding, i would say you shouldn't be a brides made as you will be stressing big time about exams. i hear the program is brutal and you'll be wishing you were studying the whole time.
  8. creativetype2007

    Clueless on Nursing Volunteering

    Almost every hospital I know if you ask the operator for volunteeer services or something like that they will transfer you to the right person. Even cedar sinai in beverly hills has one. Good luck. OH, if you want to work in a specific area make sure you tell them and see if they can offer that to you.
  9. creativetype2007

    university of detroit mercy second degree program

    Did they share with you what the hold up is? If you have mostly all As and Bs you should be okay. My fingers are crossed for you.
  10. creativetype2007

    university of detroit mercy second degree program

    The woman you want to talk to is in charge of the second degree admissions.
  11. creativetype2007

    University of Toledo UT Direct Entry Master's MSN DEMS Gemini

    I guess the obvious question is, how did you like the program? Glad you went and recommend it? I am thinking about doing a masters program or maybe just doing PA. I'd like to end up as a PA or NP. I know they a few bachelors in another field through NP programs now, like at Yale and univ of IL Chicago. Decisions decisions. : ) Thanks for your future comments. I look forward to your feedback.
  12. creativetype2007

    university of detroit mercy second degree program

    As I understand it if you have taken a minimum of 5 of the prereques they will fully admit you knowing you will complete the others with a passing grade before the program starts. So even if you have 2 outstanding you should be accepted if you are accepted. I have heard positive things over all about the program but people do get weeded out due to grades. So once it starts make sure you will do what it takes to get above the 75% because as I said, you will not get your money back or have the option to retake the class the next time around which sucks. They are the only school I've talked to that gives no second chances. All other second degree programs I've talked to give you at least one more shot at retaking a class god forbid you fall behind. Since you asked msuliz2010, I am looking at a few programs both in MI and in other states. I just might end up at OCC since it's so cheap and get the BSN at Oakland as I work. OR I might just do PA school. I haven't decided yet. I have most of the prereques for both. I'd like to end up as an NP or PA. For me, I just don't want to carry that debt. I'd rather have it take an extra year and have 15 k in debt compared to 60 k. Also, there are a few programs now where you can go from Bachelors in another field all the way through NP in 3 years and I'd like to look at that too although those are very expensive but I don't mind taking out that kind of debt if I know I am guaranteed a job making 80 k or so with the ability to make more as an NP. Sorry for rambling.
  13. creativetype2007

    university of detroit mercy second degree program

    Well, the key is that your parents are willing to help which is great. I think it is very different when someone has 60 thousand in loans. You might never have to pay your parents back which again is a fantastic situation to be in. For most, 60 k is A LOT of loans to have out when you are a nurse. People don't realize how long that can take to pay back. I am not saying it's not a good invenstment, but if you can go to OCC for 4 k, get the same job when you are done and get the BSN over a year at Oakland U as you work as an RN, it's something to consider. There are even programs now where you can go from the associates to NP. Most people don't realize the burden of carrying 60 k debt to 4 k debt. Ask anyone who has spent tons for their education and they can go back and do it again, they'd tell you if they would have gone the less expensive route. Again, just my opinion and I have known people who get through that program and I know people who didn't so yes, there are pros and cons to both. But again, its a bit different if you are carrying no loans. Are your parents looking to adopt? : )
  14. creativetype2007

    university of detroit mercy second degree program

    The cost of the program is extremely high, about 53 k. Then add living expenses on that. I do believe that includes books. if you're over a 3.5 they give you about 11 k as a grant that you don't have to pay back. That's it. The rest is a Stafford loan, 12 k or around there a year. I think you can have it go to 17 k if you go the right time of year and how the govt gives out the money. Even though the program is one year, you get second year money. It's still a huge debt to carry when you are coming out as an RN and in this economy, no job is guaranteed. I've thought about this program, but knowing I also want to be an NP, that is some crazy debt to carry. But I hear it's a good program but FAST. Also, if you end up with a 75 percent in any class at the end of the class you are OUT! There are no second chances to repeat the class. You just lost any money you might have already put in. So if you're in your second semester and you've given the school 30 k, that money is now gone if you get below a 75%. That is also a huge burden to carry if god forbid you do struggle early on and have to catch up. Just my thoughts. Plenty of people do well, plenty don't make it. Keep getting more feedback.
  15. creativetype2007

    Navy Nurse Corp Officer Opportunites in the Navy Reserve

    just curious, did you get your RN after the paramedic?