Oakland university lpn program in detroit,mi

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    Im thinking of enrolling in the lpn program through Oakland University and I wanted to know if there is anyone who is in the program, how is the the program and do you think that its a good school. Its a lot cheaper than the others that I looked at and its held at a local location Detroit St. John Riverview Hospital and its three days a week

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    I am also interested in this program. Am I correct in understanding that you must have your CNA to apply for this program?
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    it states on oakland university website that have to have CNA training but the certification is preferred but not required. Michworks funding is accepted but it dont cover the complete cost of training
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    How much is the program and how long does it last?
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    classes are in session three days per week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. All lectures are held at our Riverview Institute location at 7333 E. Jefferson Avenue, downtown Detroit, across from Belle Isle, at the former St. John Providence Health Systems Riverview Hospital location. I think that its a year but Im not sure. the program tuition is $14,000 + books and supplies (an additional $1290)
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    Do they offer any payment plans or payment arrangements for the total cost of the program? I'm not sure if there is any more michworks money left so that would leave me trying to get private funding or paying out of pocket. Is there anyone in the program now? How are you paying for it? I have been planning to appy as well.
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    Sounds like a ripoff. My ADN cost about 5K plus supplies.
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    Your right michworks ran out of money. The casemgr that I spoke with said they ran out in April and that i should have applied in no later than march. he also told me that they don't know when they would have funds so just get registered. When it becomes available then i can go to school. So I kind put lpn school for the back burner for now. My benefits are gone and the employment extensions aren't here yet. so i cant just go to school without a job. The contact from Oakland university lpn @ the st. john riverview campus said that once you apply and are accepted that you can apply for loans with the Oakland university credit union. She also emailed me a listing of banks have loans you can apply for to help pay for school.
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    Msbac can you send me the information to those banks that were given to you by the school? I just spoke with someone from there and she told me that they have 2 start times. One in January and the other in July with a cohort of 40 students.
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    Hey ladies!

    Im highly interested as well. I e-mailed them, and they sound pretty promising. The only thing, I am not sure is about how many students do u think apply? Also, what is a big factor in who they choose? Do you know? Also, what are the banks u can go thru to get student loans for this? If u could let me know, that would be fabulous! Thanks!

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