Yeah, I'm your nurse. What, I don't look like a nurse?

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    I can't tell how many times I've used that line. A patient asks, who's my nurse? I'm your nurse.

    I thought you were security.

    I thought you were bringing my tray.

    You're a nurse?

    I thought you were a cop.

    Yeah, but who's going to help me with X?


    It's just funny now. I know who I am in the workplace, I get how people see me, it doesn't bother me anymore. They're all expecting somebody else to show up and are surprised when they see me.

    I have the pink ID, I'm wearing a scrub top... do you need help with something?

    Many times patients are happily confused about what I'm doing there and they like the idea that a man is going to help them stand up or whatever. It all works out.
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    Do you start the first conversation by introducing yourself? "Hi, I'm Al Gebra, I'm an RN and I'll be your nurse today for the next 8 hours."
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    Ha! I'm a young ped nurse...well not that young..but I get asked old r u? Do u even have kids of ur own?....blah blah....
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    I have a wonderful nurse friend who has accumulated 30 years of snappy come-backs. My favorite (when asked if he is a male nurse) "Which part are you questioning?"
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    HouTx. Stealing that last one...
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    I usually get confused for a doctor. I get a kick out of this. It comes in handy when the patient won't listen to anyone but a doc. Works well when they won't take their Meds for anyone else.
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    Glad I'm not the only one who get's this! The comeback I've used most with the "male nurse" question is "Well, I tried to be a female nurse but they found my junk sooo here I am." Even though it's a little crude, 95% of the time it gets a good laugh out of my patients.
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    "It's, the beard, isn't it..."
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    There is a wonderful male nurse who works on my unit. All of the older ladies love him and I think he gets better cooperation out of some people because he is young, tall and good-looking!
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    I am a new member of this site
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