Womens interest in male nurses - page 28

I am a nursing student, currently studying to be an RN. I am really enjoying the experience, however I have an issue that is concerning me. When chatting up women and the conversation comes up... Read More

  1. by   Micheal shawn
    80 out of 100 women are like interesting in male nurses and as a matter of fact in many nursing homes or assisted living centers where there are nurses the patients do try to prefer men nurses ...... Just don't know the reason beside it but i think i came across with a conclusion and i think that this might be because they feel that the men nurses are hard working and can do a lot more better work than the female nurses
  2. by   Thujone
    Why would they think that? If you do your job well then they won't see a difference. On the other hand, I think some of these older patients assume that male nurses are doctors, so they just think that we are there with a magic fix. Granted, that is not very common, and the majority of people in nursing homes know who and what we are.
  3. by   RedXIII_
    I landed so many chicks with the word nurse haha