what are the best mens scrubs you have found?

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    what brands and style I decided I am gonna order some off the net because I am sick of the unisex crap. I have been looking at the Aviator scrubs and they seem pretty nice.

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    I like the design and functionality of the Aviator, but can't justify to myself to spend that much money on them.
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    Aviators are the only ones I wear...I justify the expense with the quality of the material--they will last a long time.

    I get so many compliments on them and have to give out the website quite often to people that want to buy them.
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    I wear metroscrubs' pants and then just some other shirt, and usually a fleece pull over.
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    I really like Life Uniforms' LifeTech line for tops. LOTS of pockets and built-in ventilation mesh in the back. I think they were about $20 each, but my local Life Uniforms store gives 10% off for students and staff at the local nursing schools and hospitals... I'd be willing to bet yours does too.

    Mike in Michigan
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    I purchased the cheap set from Allheart just to see how "cheap" they were. For $10 a set I can't complain, impressed considering the price. I had Landau prior to that and while the quality is better, they didn't fit me well at all. Even though they are Unisex, they were designed for woman.
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    I just bought my first pair of IguanaMed scrubs. They are actually long enough!!! hallelujah!!! They are version II of their old scrubs, cotton/poly/spandex so they stretch, breathe and repel fluids (eew) I'd recommend them, I'm already in love with them!

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    I'm 6'7" and wear a 38" inseam, so finding scrubs that fit have been a real headache, until today.

    I just bought four pair of MOBB "flip flap" scrub pants. They are unisex, but these things fit in the length! Actually, they are a bit too long, but I figure they'll shrink a bit.

    The only thing I see that I don't like (at all) is the rear pocket...it's so small my wallet won't fit (and it's NOT because I have it stuffed full of money...LOL).
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    I used to be strictly metroscrubs......but IguanaMed is now on my list too. They are great!
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    I wear Dickies pants (6 pockets, with zipper) and Dickies tops. Good quality, decently priced.
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