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  1. Western Montana Jobs/Pay?

    Hello! Thinking about moving to western Montana (Kalispell, Missoula area in General). I am a RN with 6 years ER experience - and would like to stay in the ER. Seems like the hospitals are not posting many, if any, jobs - especially no ER. Maybe som...
  2. Ring Cutter Question

    Looking to purchase a good ring cutter for the ED. What do you guys recommend/use? We would like an electric one, and our old one gave up after 10+ years... Thanks:)
  3. Who wears UnderArmour for work?

    It's a type of undergarment (or regular garment, as well) that will wick the moisture (i.e. sweat) from your body so you feel dryer and cleaner. It's used extensively by people who do sports, and many sports outfits are made out o a Underarmor type m...
  4. Who wears UnderArmour for work?

    Jen, I love mine, and I wear them everyday I wear scrubs. I work in the ED, and our A/C was broken or three weeks straight. It was hot, and I sweat a lot, but I still felt ok. On real hot days I was wearing a bandanna around my neck with crystals in ...
  5. Started at UHC

    Good Luck!!! Come down and say hi sometimes! And - Welcome!!!
  6. stupid question 1075 - b

    Hey Bigreddog! Yeah, I do it, as well. I think it's not a problem to take the BP in the same arm as the IV is in (what, if the patient has two IV access sites - one in each arm, by the way) - just remember one thing. The BP cuff will cut the vein off...
  7. Who wears UnderArmour for work?

    I wear WalMart's UnderArmor wanna-be T shirts under my scrubs - keeps me cool at a price I can afford - and I have a lot of different colors to match y scrubs!!!
  8. Problems with Littmann Black Edition?

    Actually, this is not paint chipping. When working EMS (I do both ER and EMS) I saw some problems with the black stethoscope - I dropped it onto the street and the (relatively) soft aluminum head gave in - that's where the paint "chips" come from. In...
  9. Accidental arterial stick !!!

    Just my humble opinion: You will be fine. No damage. Life is good. Sent the blood to the lab - d/c the line - don't give any drugs.
  10. teas retake... worried

    I assume you are referring to ATI's TEAS test. Yoiu need to buy the TEAS study guide - - or ebay. Maybe even By the time you order it you MAY get it in time - especially since we have a holiday coming up. Otherwise...
  11. Where to buy nursing supplies

    I bought my stethoscope off - they deliver quick and the Littmann prices are good. Allheart is good, too.
  12. what are the best mens scrubs you have found?

    I wear Dickies pants (6 pockets, with zipper) and Dickies tops. Good quality, decently priced.