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  1. Dallas_RN

    Career Changing

    Houston and Dallas (including nicer suburbs) pay fairly well. New grads start around $25/hr, shift diff adds $3/hr from 3-7pm. Nights typically is $5/hr, and weekend varies by facility but say another $6-9/hr. All of these are stackable, so nights and weekends are the most lucrative. In addition with good performance you can expect 2-3% hourly raise a year at a larger facility.
  2. Dallas_RN

    Career Changing

    What part of of Texas will you be working? Provided it's not in a small town, you should see a nice pay increase.
  3. Dallas_RN

    Career Changing

    Go for it, I see many second career RNs in the hospital. You'll have more time (36hr week) and earn more money than you currently make. Also factor in the earning potential with extra shift ability, overtime, shift differential, and critical shift pay....it's a no brainer.
  4. Dallas_RN

    Fastest & easiest RN-BSN program online?

    edit: old thread
  5. Dallas_RN

    265 Questions x 2!! Need some encouragement

    I personally know 2 nurses who had to answer all 265 questions and both passed. If by chance you do not, keep your head up. You'll get there.
  6. Dallas_RN

    RN shortage

    The biggest shortage here is for surgery RN's, most hospitals are offering bonuses. I had one in the mail last week for $15,000 for surgical RN's...if only.
  7. Dallas_RN

    New BSN looking for ER/ICU Job

    Either residency will provide a great foundation, I'm biased and say to go the ED route but that's me.. It's well worth it and will get the new grad acclimated to critical care nursing and thinking. Flight nursing will require some experience, and some more education as she will also have to become an EMT-Paramedic (most flight agencies will train in house). Best of luck to you both. :)
  8. Dallas_RN

    ED Pay vs Med/Surg Pay

    ED and ICU get a "critical care" shift diff, I think it's $3/hr
  9. Dallas_RN

    Need some advice about error :(

    Patient is safe, no harm was done...take it as a learning experience and move on.
  10. Dallas_RN

    Pay grades for different units??

    Several places I have worked paid $2/hr critical care diff for ED/ICU
  11. Dallas_RN

    5 8s or 4 10s???

    I have the option of (5) 8's or (4) 10's and have worked 10's for the past 6 years and has served me well. I have the luxury of picking my days and has served me well. I work Mon-Thurs and rather a 3 day weekend every week. Personally I rather have more days off at the trade off of longer hours.
  12. Dallas_RN

    Am I cut out to be an ER nurse?

    Everything you are feeling is completely normal, especially transitioning from the floor to the ED. Prioritizing and gut instinct will be your greatest ally. Over time you will find your groove and things that once frazzled you will be second nature. One thing I have noticed when precepting is many new ED nurses tend to get anxious when a they have an intubated patient. Over time you will appreciate them as for these patients you know the airway is secure. Also when prioritizing and you have several patients "trying to die on you" remember pain has never killed anyone. It sounds cold, and it is, but when you have to pick one patient who is #1, it's not the one on the call light crying for pain medication. After everyone is safe, certainly get this patient comfortable and to a tolerable pain level. But the paint hollering, cursing and on the call light can be delayed a few minutes for someone who's ABC's are not secure. You will get more comfortable with time, stick with it. :)
  13. Dallas_RN

    EMT Starting RN program anyone else go down this road?

    I was an EMT-P prior to nursing school. You will have an advantage in nursing school just having that previous knowledge base.
  14. Dallas_RN

    dating at work?

    my last GF and current fiance were/are co-workers.