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  1. My girlfriends sister (she is a nurse also) has been to the hospital 3 times now each time admitted for a couple days and released. They said she has cdiff but she never tested positive, she is now on Vanco now for 1 week and has 3 weeks left to be on vanco. She is still having diarrhea, running a temp, and her white count is 18,000, it was 15,000 when discharged from hospital a week ago. Should it keep going up or should she go back to hospital, hr primary (which I think is stupid) said recheck CBC on Monday. What are your thoughts and opinions.
  2. Buckyxj

    Introduction & CNA Questions

    in my experience starting pay is anywhere from 8 to 12 an hour at ltc (long term care) nursing homes. as for child care you could just work a shift that would work out with you and your husband or just get child care somewhere else. I didn't help alot but that is a start.
  3. Buckyxj

    turned into the boards what now?

    update: state board called me yesterday and said the case had been dropped because all my documentation was correct. woohoo
  4. Buckyxj

    Family wants to transport body.

    I checked into this and they are not crossing state lines so the body doesn't have to be embalmed. They have all the paperwork from the funeral home and have been given the ok by the Hwy patrol. so I guess I learned something new today.
  5. Buckyxj

    Family wants to transport body.

    Has anyone ever came across this? The family is wanting to transport the body like two hours away in the back of their car. They already have a body bag and everything. Just really odd to me.
  6. Buckyxj

    turned into the boards what now?

    finally got more info on this. The reason she turned me in was due to "sending pt. via private vehicle to the hospital er with a possible head injury. the paperwork she sent to accompany her statement said pt was sent via ems on backboard with c-collar on. so she contradicted herself. there was no mention of the neuro checks at all. the ADON, new DON who replaced her and the Administrator all sent statements saying that it should have never been reported and she was a new nurse in a supervisory position and didn't know the proper action to take. I have to go talk to someone at the state next month. hopefully everything turns out ok. I dont think I will lose my license. they found all my vitals and assessments and resent them to the state and they said neuros were not warrented.
  7. Buckyxj

    Weight limit

    I dont think it matters my clinical instructor was a very large guy and worked in the ER. Still one of the best nurses I have ever met.
  8. Buckyxj

    What I don't like about my job-Interview

    I have always answered about how we are expected to "babysit" some of the other staff or have to deal with "highschool drama" that goes on. Which has almost every time been followed by them saying that their facility is not like that or is trying to eliminate the problem.
  9. Buckyxj

    CNA status

    To be honest I cant believe after that long they are still holding to it. But I think the letter sounds great. good luck
  10. Buckyxj

    two Jobs ?!?

    I work weekend doubles at a LTC and then 5-8hr shifts for a hospice urgent care where if I dont get a call I get to sleep at home and get paid full salary. But the weeks that I have to work the whole 72hrs a week it tears me up but if your determined you can do it.
  11. Buckyxj

    Hospice Nurse Transporting Patient Medications

    We have a contract with walgreens and here in Oklahoma I am have to deliver meds some (I work night shift). Yes some neighborhoods can be scary but I have had only one problem while delivering meds. guy asked what was in my bag and I told him my college books (I carry a book bag) and he went on.
  12. Buckyxj

    Continuous Care Question

    I am part of our Urgent Care/ Continuous Care staff. we are one of if not the only hospice in this area to provide 24hr. care by a LPN/LVN at the end stage of life or if thought necessary to control patient symptoms or family comfort. The case manager comes out to assess q 24hrs. We have two LPN's on staff all three shifts that are Urgent Care/ CC staff. Many times its not needed but the family is greatful when we are there.
  13. Buckyxj

    where are the chat rooms?

    gotcha thanks I thought maybe I was just going blind or something. too many charts and not enough time.
  14. Buckyxj

    where are the chat rooms?

    alright I give up during nursing school I went in the chat on quite a bit but now I cant find them can anyone help a guy out? thanks Bucky
  15. Buckyxj

    turned into the boards what now?

    family was at facility with patient shortly after she went lethargic, family member is RN for Hospice of patient. She was on the same line of thinking as I was. the facility said state was there last week and got them for their charting so maybe making an example of me. im not really sure yet. hopefully everything turns out ok.